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If you need a lie detector test in East Midlands for infidelity, false accusations or theft you can book online using our secure reservation system. Alternatively you can contact us on our Free Helpline 07572 748364 to discuss your specific requirements.

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Lie Detector Test UK administers polygraph tests in the East Midlands. Our controlled, secure offices are situated in a number of towns and cities throughout the area including Leicester, Newark, Northampton and Nottingham.

Our highly trained, APA (American Polygraph Association) accredited polygraph examiners work in the private, commercial and public sectors. As qualified forensic psychologists they can be found working in law enforcement, security and intelligence, indeed wherever the truth needs to be uncovered.

Discretion and Confidentiality

All of the work we do by necessity has to be confidential. Clients come to us to establish the truth usually with a basis for mistrust or a desire to prove innocence. They don’t want to entertain an audience on TV, or make the headlines in the tabloids. For example, a theft within a family usually won’t be reported to the police, it will stay within the family. The polygraph will identify the culprit and the matter dealt with privately. Similarly with theft in the workplace, employers often prefer, when possible, to deal with it internally.

It is imperative that they trust the professionals who help them. We have established an enviable reputation as keepers of secrets, operating at all times in an unbiased, professional and ethical manner.

East Midlands Lie Detector Tests

In the private sector we mainly administer polygraph tests for infidelity, theft within the family, historical sexual abuse and domestic abuse. We also conduct East Midlands lie detector tests for those in denial about their dependence on alcohol or drugs.

Our polygraph examiners work with you to formulate exactly the right questions to ask in order to obtain the answers you need. You can expect them to achieve up to 97% accuracy.

In the commercial sector the tests are primarily focused on pre-employment screening, theft in the workplace, fraud and periodic lie detector tests for existing members of staff. Employers can expect a confidential and discreet service as can be expected of any professional organisation.

Polygraph Services in the East Midlands

The polygraph examiners at Lie Detector Test UK can be booked online, using our secure reservation system. You can also call any of the numbers below in order to discuss your specific requirements. As a nationwide service we can conduct a test at any location convenient to you.

In the 21st century, with state of the art polygraph technology, there is no need to live with suspicion or tolerate dishonesty. Contact us today to find out if a lie detector test can help you resolve your problem.

07572 748364

Please call us on 07572 748364 (Free Helpline) to discuss your needs and requirements with one of our examiners in East Midlands.



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