Lie Detector Test in Norwich

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If you need a lie detector test in Norwich for infidelity, false accusations or theft you can book online using our secure reservation system.

Lie Detector Test in Norwich

We provide professional, confidential, and exceptionally precise polygraph services, carried out by accredited examiners. Strategically situated in the centre of Norwich, we are dedicated to delivering reliable results with the highest degree of integrity and discretion. Depend on Lie Detector Test UK – Norwich, your trusted ally in truth verification.

Private Polygraph Test / Lie Detector Test location in Norwich

Visit our discreet venue at Cavell House & Austin House Stannard Place, St Crispins Rd, Norwich NR3 1YE, United Kingdom, where privacy is paramount. Please note our office operates strictly by appointment, ensuring dedicated attention to your needs. We eagerly await your consultation.

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To ensure efficiency, we only accept appointments through our online booking system. Upon booking, you’ll receive an SMS and email confirmation. Booking online is the most efficient and optimal way to schedule a polygraph test. This method ensures a seamless experience from start to finish, eliminating potential delays and simplifying the entire process for our clients.
Our offices where we conduct lie detector tests are chosen based on their closeness to clients and their prior suitability. Typically, Controlled Environment Examination Offices are accessible within a 10-15 mile radius of your mainland addresses, ensuring convenience and professional settings for your needs.
Update: Limited slots in Scotland: If you require a lie detector test to be conducted in Scotland, please click here.

To proceed and confirm your booking, we only require an upfront payment of a £125 booking fee (non-refundable).

The booking fee is paid at the time of the booking and is then deducted from the total amount due.

The non-refundable booking fee ensures the customer's commitment to the scheduled appointment and supports the administrative costs associated with securing preferred time slots, conducting pre-examination assessments, and assigning a qualified polygraph examiner. This fee will be deducted from the full payment for the polygraph test. It's important to note that the full payment must be completed within 24 hours after the examiner approves the pre-examination assessment, ensuring your dedication and helping to minimize cancellations. The payment is non-refundable to ensure that the subject does in fact intend to take the test.

Without these measures in place, there is a temptation for a guilty party to book a test as proof that they have nothing to hide, and subsequently cancel the booking. Please be sure you or the test taker can, and intend to make the appointment when you book with us

As a highly mobile polygraph service that operates day and night, including weekends, for the convenience of our clients, we must manage our scheduling and fee collection efficiently. To maintain our competitive pricing, it is essential to ensure that cancellations after long commutes do not result in lost work and income. Therefore, we require full payment no later than 24 hours after the examiner accepts the pre-examination assessment, in addition to the £125 non-refundable booking fee at the time of making your appointment.

Once an appointment is made, fees are non-refundable. You may certainly call for a free consultation at any time, we simply ask that you not schedule an appointment until you are certain you can make that appointment.

Experience precise, professional polygraph exams, cross-verified by accredited British Polygraph Society Examiners.

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Lie Detector Test Norwich Prices:

  • Single Person: £495
  • Couple (2 people): £690
  • Group (min. 3 people): £295 per person

Select Norwich’s premier lie detector service for results that epitomize precision and unyielding trust, all supported by state-of-the-art technology.

Making the commitment to participate in a lie detector test is an impactful decision. For those in Norwich, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the associated fees is critical. Our pricing scheme in Norwich melds transparency with cost-effectiveness, ensuring clients are provided exceptional service without undue financial strain.

Single Person Test: For those residing in Norwich, the fee for an individual taking the lie detector test is fixed at £495. This incorporates a thorough assessment executed by our top-tier polygraph specialists, underscoring our dedication to exactness and reliability.

Couple’s Test: When both partners in a relationship seek testing, the cumulative cost is £690. This tailor-made package effectively addresses the nuanced dynamics within relationships, delivering valuable insights for all involved.

Group Tests: For scenarios involving groups of at least three individuals, the pricing is set at £295 per person. This competitive rate ensures that larger conglomerates or corporate bodies can avail of our first-rate expertise without a dip in the result quality or accuracy.

Every test we facilitate utilizes the finest contemporary tools and techniques. Such stringent adherence guarantees that every conclusion drawn is not just pinpoint accurate, but also consistently trustworthy. For those in Norwich in search of clarity and truthfulness, the city’s leading lie detector service remains the best bet.

Norwich polygraph reveals husband stole £200

Norwich polygraph reveals husband stole £200 A Norwich polygraph test recently proved a husband guilty of stealing £200 from his wife. Cheryl came to us when she suspected her husband had stolen £200 cash from her purse for gambling. Mick had a past history of...

Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Norwich exposes Scheming Daughter

Sometimes when there are two members in the family you suspect of lying it’s difficult to know who is telling the truth.  Our client ordered a lie detector test in Norwich to prove his innocence.

Case Study | Gay Infidelity Lie Detector Test in Norwich elicits Confession

Brian was worried as picking people up in clubs was usually only for one purpose and he really liked Sean. Little did he know that he would be ordering a Gay Infidelity lie detector test in Norwich within a few months.

Norwich Polygraph Test for Domestic Abuse

Jeff, Sharon and Aaron have three things in common. They are all victims of domestic abuse, no one believed them and all took a Norwich polygraph test to prove they were telling the truth.

Norwich Lie Detector Tests are almost as popular as Dating Apps

We are pleased to see that at least some of our warnings relating to dating apps and sites are being heeded. Our East Anglian polygraph examiners are busily conducting Norwich lie detector tests to check out prospective partners.

Welcome to Lie Detector Test UK – Norwich, your trusted provider of professional and confidential polygraph services. We are situated in the heart of Norwich, making our services readily accessible to clients within and around the area. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver reliable and precise polygraph results with the highest level of integrity and discretion.

Our team is comprised of seasoned and accredited polygraph examiners, ensuring that we maintain our stringent standards for precision and professionalism. They are not only trained in the administration of lie detector tests but are also well-versed in dealing with sensitive situations, always demonstrating utmost respect and understanding.

At Lie Detector Test UK – Norwich, we understand the gravity of the circumstances that necessitate the need for a lie detector test. Thus, we handle each case with the seriousness and discretion it deserves. We employ the latest in polygraph technology and techniques to administer our tests. These state-of-the-art methodologies ensure an objective and accurate assessment of truthfulness, helping in decision-making, dispute resolution, or truth confirmation.

Our polygraph services cater to a broad spectrum of needs – personal, legal, or professional. Whether you’re an individual seeking clarity in a personal matter, a legal practitioner requiring a lie detector test for a case, or a business entity keen on verifying truthfulness in certain situations, we provide tailored services to suit your specific needs.

Choosing Lie Detector Test UK – Norwich means opting for a partnership based on trust, integrity, and confidentiality. We stand by the professionalism of our services and our dedication to delivering precise and dependable results that help foster trust and confidence.

For more information or to schedule a lie detector test in Norwich, feel free to reach out to us. Our dedicated team is more than willing to guide you through the process, address your concerns, and ensure that your experience with us is both comfortable and conclusive.

Lie Detector Test UK – Norwich, your reliable partner in truth verification, where professionalism and reliability converge.

At Lie Detector Test UK, our reach goes beyond the city’s borders. We’re proud to extend our services to surrounding areas, ensuring that professional and reliable lie detection is accessible to all who need it.

We serve the following popular locations in the vicinity of Norwich:

1. Wymondham
2. Attleborough
3. Aylsham
4. Diss
5. Great Yarmouth
6. Lowestoft
7. North Walsham
8. Cromer
9. Fakenham
10. Swaffham
11. Thetford
12. Bungay
13. Beccles
14. Bury St Edmunds
15. King’s Lynn
16. Dereham
17. Watton
18. Hingham
19. Holt
20. Wells-next-the-Sea

Whether you’re located in the heart of Norwich or in these nearby locations, you can depend on our commitment to delivering high-quality polygraph services with the utmost professionalism, accuracy, and discretion. Lie Detector Test UK – Norwich, your trusted partner for truth verification, now closer to you than ever.

Norwich polygraph reveals husband stole £200

Norwich polygraph reveals husband stole £200 A Norwich polygraph test recently proved a husband guilty of stealing £200 from his wife. Cheryl came to us when she suspected her husband had stolen £200 cash from her purse for gambling. Mick had a past history of...

Norwich lie detector tests

Norwich dates back to Roman times and has played its part in the rich tapestry of British history throughout the ages. Today it is a cathedral and university city with around 25 percent of its population in the 16 to 29 year age group. Staging live music and arts festivals throughout the year with plenty of things to do for its residents, many free of charge, people are generally happy living and working in the city.

Domestic Abuse

However, bubbling under the surface is a dark secret that has gradually emerged in recent years. Norfolk Police take an average of 50 calls per day related to domestic abuse according to Leeway Domestic Violence and Abuse Services. The local authority and social services have done much to combat the problem but domestic abuse continues to rise. This correlates with our own data. The Norwich lie detector test for domestic abuse is the most often conducted by our polygraph examiners – more than any other type. Both women and men worry that they won’t be believed if they report it. Usually the results of our tests give them the confidence to take the next step in moving forward with their lives.

How the Norwich lie detector test helps

Domestic abusers are often deceitful. To friends and family their behaviour is often perceived as blemishless. So when a victim complains to those close to them, they are rarely believed. The feeling of hopelessness is overwhelming when even your nearest and dearest think you are exaggerating or telling lies. A polygraph test helps you prove to them that you are telling the truth. And by virtue of that it stands to reason the abuser is lying. When you are finally believed a huge weight is lifted from your shoulders as friends and family rally round. In some cases our clients have never opened up to anyone in terms of the depth of domestic abuse they have suffered. Just talking to a polygraph examiner who is unbiased and non-judgemental makes them feel better.

Booking the test

You may want to book a test online using our secure reservation system or speak to one of our examiners first.

Our Free Helpline is available to call on 07572 748364.

Our Norwich lie detector tests for domestic abuse is always conducted by experienced, highly trained and specialist examiners.

You case will be handled with sensitivity and confidentiality.

Tests can be booked in our secure controlled offices in Norwich or anywhere else in the UK.

It is possible for our examiner to visit your home provided that the environmental conditions necessary for the test are met. These include absolute quiet and no interruptions of any type. Contact us today to make a start on a brighter future.