Norwich Lie Detector Tests are almost as popular as Dating Apps

Nov 25, 2022 | Norwich, Private Lie Detector Test

We are pleased to see that at least some of our warnings relating to dating apps and sites are being heeded.  Our East Anglian polygraph examiners are busy conducting Suffolk, Norfolk and Norwich lie detector tests for modern couples who want to know that prospective partners are honest, trustworthy and reliable.

The importance of investing in polygraph services when using dating apps has never been more evident than in the following case:

Mark Grace – Plenty of Fish Dating App

There may well be plenty of fish in the sea but the women who hooked Mark Grace have lost much more than a little pride. Luckily he will be spending at least half of a 6 year prison sentence that was imposed for crimes involving theft and fraud.

During a period spanning more than 2 years Grace scammed several women out of over £40,000. He met them all online.

His initial victim was young Kings Lynn hairdresser, Charlotte Sharpe. Having hooked up on Plenty of Fish their relationship lasted 4 months.  She found Grace attractive and supportive when she was unwell and going through a family bereavement.

Suicidal thoughts

As the relationship progressed she contracted to mobile phones for him which he promised to reimburse her for. He then told her that he wanted to start a new business and asked her to get a loan for him.  When she refused, he dropped her and blocked all lines of communication.

It wasn’t long before loan repayment demands began arriving at Ms Sharpe’s address.  Grace had fraudulently applied for and been granted several payday loans in her name. Together with the contracted mobile phones, she owed over £6,000. One of our Suffolk, Norfolk or Norwich lie detector tests would have cost her infinitely less.

Ms Sharpe was by no means wealthy and struggled to cope with paying her own expenses. The scale of debt that had been put in her name, without her knowledge or consent, shocked her. The entire affair negatively impacted her mental health to the extent she contemplated suicide.

With the assistance of a debt counselling charity an arrangement was made for her to pay the loans back at £100 per month over a 4 year period. On the day she made her last payment, the police contacted her and informed her that she was not the only woman to be scammed.  In a trail of deception and theft which amounted to thousands of pounds, there were several women involved. Some ended up in debt to the tune of £20,000.

Ms Sharpe will be recompensed for the money she paid back in loans because Grace has now been criminally convicted.

 How our Suffolk, Norfolk and Norwich lie detector tests help

Dating apps and social media generally may be a great way of meeting like-minded people. However, they also give the unscrupulous a way of reinventing themselves.  You have no idea whether the guy who says he is a doctor actually is one. Or that the girl purporting to be a private detective, is in reality jobless.  You know absolutely nothing about these people other than what they say about themselves.

Going out on a date or two with the ‘Billy Liars’ of this world may be enough for you to establish what frauds they are.  But some are exceptionally plausible.

Modern, savvy couples, before they become wholly committed, are using polygraph services to ensure their prospective partners are telling them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

More information about our Suffolk, Norfolk and Norwich lie detector tests can be obtained by calling our Free Helpline on 0800 861 1058.  As nationwide polygraph service providers you can book a test anywhere in the UK using our secure online booking system.

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