Norwich Polygraph Test for Domestic Abuse

Feb 18, 2019

You could be Jeff whose wife once broke his nose with a broom handle. Or maybe you’re Sharon whose husband beat her relentlessly over 15 years, accusing her of cheating on him every time she went to the shops. Or perhaps you spent your years being emotionally tortured by your partner like Aaron. All these people and countless others have three things in common. They are all victims of domestic abuse, no one believed them and all took a Norwich polygraph test to prove they were telling the truth.

Domestic Abuse

Leeway Domestic Violence and Abuse Services report that police across the county receive around 50 calls daily regarding domestic abuse. Despite changes in the way police handle cases involving such abuse and to the law, this crime doesn’t appear to be abating and continues to rise.

Many people associate domestic abuse with violence but it encompasses much, much more than that. Abusive partners seek control and will use what they perceive as the best way to achieve it. This may include violence, psychological or financial manipulation.

Abusive behaviour occurs across a wide spectrum of society.  It isn’t confined to any specific group. In ethnic minority groups it may take the form of FGM (female genital mutilation) or a girl being forced to marry someone against her will. Violence might also be used for ‘honour based reasons’. Irrespective of social status, income, religion, race, gender or age domestic abusers are not selective.

At Lie Detector Test UK our own records show a high volume of people taking our Norwich polygraph test just to prove they are not lying.

Changes in behaviour

Victims of domestic abuse often seek to hide it from friends and family due to a misguided sense of guilt, shame or fear.

If you are a friend or employer who suspects someone is being abused there are a number of recognisable signs. Here are some of them:

Physical abuse – regular bruising, black eyes, split lips, marks around the neck and sprains for which the victim has no credible explanation. Make up may be used to cover the bruises or excessive clothing that doesn’t match the weather.  For example, long sleeves garments and scarves when it is very warm. Hiding black eyes with sunglasses is also a giveaway.

Emotional abuse – when a person who is usually sociable, fun to be with and outgoing becomes withdrawn and lacking in confidence, this may be a sign of emotional abuse. A normally self-confident person may demonstrate low self-esteem, be overly apologetic and anxious to please. They may be depressed, lose interest in things they usually enjoy or start drinking to excess. Naturally there may be other reasons for these changes in behaviour but they are typical of those who are being subjected to emotional abuse.

Other signs include near panic in getting home on time, dropping long standing friendships and not wanting to socialise.

Not being believed

When a domestic abuse victim is pushed to the limit of endurance they may decide to confide in a close friend or family member.  Quite often they are not believed. This is usually due to the abuser being what others perceive as a pillar of the community or a charming, nice person.

Many people don’t want to become involved in relationship disputes especially when they are friendly with both parties.  If a friend takes sides, and the couple repair their relationship, the friend may be ostracised.

In more cases than not, we find that the first person to ever be told about the scale of domestic abuse is our polygraph examiner. Being on neutral ground, with a totally unbiased person, helps victims to talk openly and frankly about their experiences.

Norwich polygraph test

The polygraph examiner will formulate questions to specifically address the situation. The test comprises a pre-test interview when the examiner will go over the questions to be asked.  This is followed by the test which will determine the truth.

The results of the test will be available within 24/48 hours and a fully analysed report sent. The report serves many purposes.  It helps the victim prove what is happening to them to friends and family.  It inspires confidence and encourages the victim to take the next step.  That step is to report the abuse to the police who are familiar with lie detector tests.  They use them to monitor paedophiles and other sex offenders.  Soon they will be using them to monitor domestic abusers who are let out of jail on licence.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse call us today on our Free Helpline 0800 368 8277. There is no excuse ever for anyone to control you as a person.  Freedom is a call away – make it.

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