Case Study | Gay Infidelity Lie Detector Test in Norwich elicits Confession

Jun 24, 2019

Sean and Brian had seen each other within the gay scene for a while. Neither of them had the confidence to approach one another for months. However, one night Brian had been to an office party and in fairness had more to drink than he usually would. He stumbled into a club where he thought he might find Sean and finally plucked up the courage to speak to him. Although the two of them were a little worse for wear, they found they both had a lot in common. It felt like they’d known each other for years. They had similar tastes in music and loved the theatre. Brian was worried as picking people up in clubs was usually only for one purpose and he really liked Sean. Little did he know that he would be ordering a Gay Infidelity lie detector test in Norwich within a few months.

One Night Stand

They both went back to Brian’s place and the inevitable happened. As Sean was getting dressed he asked if he could see Brian again. Trying to hide the huge grin on his face Brian quickly agreed. After the one night stand they were inseparable, at the weekend anyway. Sean explained he worked nights during the week and really needed to sleep during the day. He explained to Brian he would be tired and not much fun. They’d been seeing each other every weekend for two months when Brian saw Sean in the High Street holding hands with a woman. He thought Sean had seen him and waved but Sean just turned around and wandered away. This happened on Thursday and Brian called him when he got home from his shopping trip. Sean explained he’d been in town with his sister. She had been upset about an argument with her husband and he was comforting her. He claimed not to have seen Brian but they’d talk about it on Friday night at the club.

Ships that pass in the night

The weekend visits started to dwindle after that. They rarely saw each other anymore and when they did it appeared to be for sex. Brian had asked Sean what was wrong but he just said he was busy at work. Brian knew something wasn’t right and would have followed him if he’d been able to drive. Instead he chose to go to his work to see if they could sort things out over dinner. Sean said he was a firefighter but the station he’d told Brian he worked at had never heard of him.

Brian called Sean but there was no answer. He tried 5 times and the call just kept being disconnected. Sean eventually called him back and said something about an emergency at the fire station. When Brian asked which one Sean named the station Brian had visited earlier that day.

Gay Infidelity lie detector test in Norwich

Brian contacted us for a Gay Infidelity lie detector test in Norwich. He had tried to get Sean to admit he was lying but to no avail. However, Sean loved him and agreed to attend. He knew what the outcome was going to be but even though it would devastate Brian, he needed it out in the open.

The polygraph results confirmed Sean was married to a woman. He wasn’t and had never been a firefighter. He’d only said that because shift work would explain why he couldn’t see Brian during the week. He’d also wanted to impress Brian.

Sean had struggled with his sexuality for a number of years. He had two children and had been married for over ten years. The relationship between him and his wife was breaking down. He wanted to be with Brian and he now knew he wasn’t bisexual, he was gay. The Gay Infidelity lie detector test in Norwich enabled Sean to reveal his true self and he left his wife. Brian and Sean are working at getting their relationship back on track now that Sean is being honest to himself and to Brian.

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