Norwich polygraph reveals husband stole £200

A Norwich polygraph test recently proved a husband guilty of stealing £200 from his wife. Cheryl came to us when she suspected her husband had stolen £200 cash from her purse for gambling. Mick had a past history of gambling addiction and Cheryl was concerned that he hadn’t kicked the gambling addiction after telling her he had.

The case

Cheryl has been married to mick for over 23 years. The couple have always been happy together, and Cheryl tells us how she found her best friend and soul mate in Mick. She says the relationship suffered six years ago when Mick lost his job. He turned to gambling whilst he was on benefits, and he got the couple into credit card debts.

Mick found a job after Cheryl threatened to leave him if he didn’t sort out his debts. The pair worked together and paid off the various debt companies. Cheryl says although the relationship took a hit, the couple came out stronger than ever after.

Suspicions arise

Just over a month ago, Cheryl started finding scratch cards in Micks pockets. When she was doing the washing, she found over 10 scratch cards in his jeans and jackets. She confronted Mick and told him she hoped he wasn’t gambling again. Mick said people at work had a pot going and each took it in turns to buy scratch cards at the end of each month. Cheryl wasn’t happy but understood it was something his work wanted to do, and she didn’t want him feeling left out.

Money goes missing

Two weeks after confronting Mick, Cheryl realised that £200 of cash was suddenly missing from her wallet. Cheryl had taken the cash out to buy a bedframe she had found second hand. During lockdown Cheryl had slowly re-decorated the whole house and wanted to upgrade the furniture in the couple’s spare room. She searched everywhere for the cash encase she had taken it out of her wallet and place it somewhere else without thinking.

Distraught, she rang Mick and asked if he had borrowed it. Mick said he had no idea where the cash was and suggested she checked her other handbags. Still unable to shake the feeling that mick didn’t sound the most convincing on the phone, Cheryl went to get more cash and decided to confront Mick again later and in person.

The confrontation

Cheryl told Mick that given his history with gambling and the recent suspicions with the scratch cards, she wanted him to take a lie detector test. Mick understood her suspicions and agreed to take the test. Two days later mick took his test at our Norwich office. The test results showed Mick had been lying, He told Cheryl how he had been gambling again, and had become addicted to scratch cards. He said he hadn’t run up any debts but he had stolen the £200 and spent it on scratch cards. Cheryl told Mick that it was ok, but she wanted him to seek professional help this time to help get over his addiction. Mick is now seeking help for his addiction and says he can’t praise Cheryl enough for her understanding and support.

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