Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Norwich exposes Scheming Daughter

Aug 20, 2019

Sometimes when there are two members in the family you suspect of lying it’s difficult to know who is telling the truth.  Our client ordered a lie detector test in Norwich to prove his innocence.

Wesley and Liz’s case

Chanelle had always been a bit of a handful but recently her behaviour had been worrying her mother Liz. She knew her daughter was a compulsive liar but just tended to ignore her ramblings these days. Liz had been a single mum most of her life but now that Chanelle was 17, she thought she could start her life again. She joined a popular dating website and soon met her first date. Wesley was tall dark and handsome, he had a job and owned his own house. He’d been married before and his children had grown up and he and his wife split. Liz didn’t delve too much into why he’d separated and he seemed the perfect catch.

Allegation of sexual assault

After a few months, Liz brought him home to meet Chanelle. She wanted to be confident they could get on as a family. She really liked Wesley and he seemed to feel the same way. Chanelle seemed to flirt with him which made Wesley very uncomfortable. He made his excuses and left. This happened every time Wesley visited the house and he voiced his concern to Liz. She confronted Chanelle who tearfully said that Wesley had gone into her room to say goodnight and had touched her inappropriately. Although Liz new her daughter lied on occasion she couldn’t think she’d stoop so low.

Liz discussed the accusation with Wesley immediately and he denied it emphatically. However, Liz felt she should give her daughter the benefit of the doubt and ended the relationship.  Chanelle was too much for Wesley to handle and although she loved him she couldn’t see a future with them all as a family.

Lie detector test in Norwich

Wesley contacted us for a lie detector test in Norwich. He was appalled by the accusation and determined to prove his innocence. He was upset that Liz could think he would have molested her daughter. Wesley sat the test confidently. He added a question regarding a time Chanelle had propositioned him. He’d never mentioned this to Liz for fear of losing her but now he had no choice. The polygraph results confirmed Wesley hadn’t done anything and that Chanelle was the one making the moves on him.

Armed with his fully analysed results report, he went to win back his lady. Liz was happy to see him and more so because of the lie detector test results. No one had ever gone to such lengths to prove he wasn’t interested in any other woman and Liz was impressed.

The report was handed to Chanelle who denied saying that she had been touched inappropriately by anyone.  She tried to make her mother out to be a liar and suggested that Liz should take a test.  However, the writing was on the wall as far as Liz and Wesley were concerned.

Chanelle moved out shortly after this and went to university. Although Liz missed her terribly, she couldn’t help but be relieved she was gone.

Polygraph services in East Anglia

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