Theft within the family resolved by Dudley Lie Detector Tests

When our client found out she was terminally ill, she ordered two Dudley lie detector tests. She wanted to know something before making her will.

Diane’s Case

The last 10 years of Diana’s life had been plagued with bad health. She’d needed help on a daily basis with her personal hygiene and even the most basic of tasks. Although her body was falling apart her mind was sharp and her memory clear.

Now with secondary cancers everywhere, she’d decided not to have further treatment.  Instead, she resolved to put her affairs in order while she still could.

With no children of her own and only two nephews her last will and testament would be easy. Alan and Iain had both been very helpful during her long illness. They’d visited regularly and helped out around the house.

However, a few days ago a valuable and unusual pocket watch went missing. It had belonged to her grandmother, then her mother and then passed on to Diane. She absolutely knew that her carer hadn’t taken it. Marion was as honest as the day was long. Despite searching high and low it was never found.  Both nephews denied having seen it but Diane knew one of them had.

A great believer in lending Karma a hand, Diane decided that the one who had taken it, shouldn’t benefit as much from her will as the other.

Dudley lie detector tests

Diane told her nephews that she had booked lie detectors tests in Dudley for them.  She said that since the pocket watch hadn’t surfaced she wanted to eliminate them from any subsequent insurance or police investigation.

She then told them the dreadful news that she had a few months to live at most.  Her will was in progress and she needed to appoint executors.  At this point she expected the guilty party to own up but neither of them did.

Our West Midlands polygraph examiner conducted both polygraph examinations. Alan’s test showed no deception but Iain’s did.

When Diane received the results, she asked Iain where the pocket watch was. It had sentimental value for her and she wanted to leave it to Marion. Nevertheless, Iain continued to deny stealing it.

Last will and testament

Diane’s  will states that Alan will received 75 percent of the value of her estate and 25 percent will be held in trust for Iain for one year. If he produces the pocket watch he will get the 25 percent share. If not, it will revert to Marion.

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