Corby Lie Detector Test Enquiry about Theft within the Family

It’s particularly galling when there is theft within the family, especially when you think it’s a close family member.  This is an enquiry we received for a Corby lie detector test to find out if we could help.

Q:  Could a lie detector test help me find out if my brother is stealing from me and my parents?

I’m writing to you as I’m concerned my little brother is stealing from me and my parents. He’s only 16 but has already been in all sorts of trouble with the police. Mum got really upset as he was in court the other month for stealing cars. The court appearance appeared to put the fear of God into him and he seems to have calmed down for a few months.

Recently, little things have been going missing. When I say little things, I mean things that normally people wouldn’t miss. The problem is I can’t tell when these things have gone missing, whether it is before or after my brother’s court appearance. I’ll explain myself as I’m sure this sounds confusing.

My mother bought me a digital camera a few years back and it’s been in my cupboard for the last year. When I got my new mobile, I just use that and not the camera any more. The other day I was going to put it up for sale on eBay but it’s missing. I asked my brother if he’d “borrowed” it but he said he hasn’t seen it.

I asked mum if she’d seen it and she said she hadn’t. But she commented on some of her old jewellery being missing too. She said she was sorting through the valuables to see what to leave me in her will when she noticed a set of diamond earrings were gone. She asked if I’d seen them and I haven’t. I really don’t know if my brother had taken these things and if there’s anything else missing. Do you do a Corby lie detector test and would it help to solve the mystery?  My parents are happy to consent to one taking place.

D. D., Corby

Response from our East Midlands Polygraph Examiner

It’s never easy when you suspect a family member of theft particularly when they are stealing from those closest to them. If your brother has been stealing these items it may be he did it before his court appearance since you say his behaviour has improved since then.

However, if he takes a lie detector test it may bring home to him that you suspect him because of his past behaviour.  He will need to earn back the trust you all once had in him.

If your parents are prepared to sign a consent form we can conduct a Corby lie detector test which will help you find the truth. Your brother must also be willing to take one.

You can book a test online securely via our website and choose the location you’d like.  Alternatively, we are quite happy for you to call us on our free helpline (07572 748364) for more information.