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We invite Alex Salmond to take a Sexual Contact Lie Detector Test in Edinburgh

Following the arrest and subsequent charges leveled against Alex Salmond we would like to invite him to take a lie detector test in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Lie Detector Test

When Sharon got her certificate in TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) her husband, John, was proud of her.  He never imagined it would lead to an Edinburgh lie detector test.

Ask an Edinburgh Polygraph Examiner who stole Grandfather’s War Medals

Granddaughter ask our Edinburgh Polygraph Examiner if he can help find out who stole her Grandad’s war medals. Did he misplace them or did a sibling steal them?

Worried Mother books Lie Detector Test in Edinburgh for Son

When a mother didn’t entirely believe the verdict of a court she booked a lie detector test in Edinburgh to establish the truth.

Ask a Polygraph Examiner about Infidelity in Edinburgh

We launched our “Ask a Polygraph Examiner” service this month and we have had some interesting questions from our readers.  The first one is about infidelity in Edinburgh.

Date Rape Drug use Exposed by Lie Detector Test in Edinburgh

A lie detector test in Edinburgh gave our client, Nicola, the answers she needed after an experience she will never be able to remember or forget.  A date rape drug was slipped into her drink.

Lie Detector Tests in Edinburgh

A University City, Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. Many good things have come out of Edinburgh – medical breakthroughs, scientists, engineers, philosophers and great authors to name a few. Hosting the biggest annual arts festival in the world, Edinburgh attracts people like magnets for education and entertainment.

An addictive city

Unfortunately, like most other cities, it is not without problems. Our polygraph examiners are kept busy conducting mainly addiction lie detector tests in Edinburgh. Scotland has the highest number of deaths recorded in Europe for drug abuse and is one of the highest for deaths attributed to alcohol abuse.

Those who work in the city are under pressure and stress tends to be a factor in executive positions. That stress can and often does lead to gambling. All forms of addiction sooner or later negatively impact on the individual and those closest to them.

A major obstacle for addicts is to actually admit there is a problem and this is where polygraph tests play an important role.

Lie detector tests in Edinburgh

Addicts may be too worried about the reactions of their friends, families and employers to own up to their very real problem. They may even be too scared to admit it to themselves. Many addicts find themselves homeless in the end due to the impact of their own behaviour. Jobs are lost, mortgages, rent or bills go unpaid and relationships fracture.

However, there is no need to hit rock bottom before finding a solution. Lie detector tests are conducted by highly trained, qualified and addiction specialist examiners. Addicts can open up to them in the pre-test interview and when the results of the tests are known, seek the help they will acknowledge they need. Our controlled, secure offices provide a neutral environment for anyone who has a difficult problem. There is nothing our examiners have not heard before and they are completely unbiased.

More information

If you have an addict in your life who needs help, call us to find out how best to persuade them to take one of our lie detector tests in Edinburgh or elsewhere in the UK. Our advice is free and so is our helpline. We invite you to take advantage of these things.

Edinburgh Lie Detector Test

When Sharon got her certificate in TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) her husband, John, was proud of her.  He never imagined it would lead to an Edinburgh lie detector test.

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