Q. Can your Edinburgh Polygraph Examiner find out who stole my Grandad’s War Medals?

My grandfather was in the war and served for many years in the army. Unfortunately, he’s developed dementia and forgets things very easily. He mentioned to me that some of his war medals were missing and due to his illness I suggested that he might have misplaced them. He reminded me that all his medals were kept in his safe. The only time he took them out was for cleaning the previous Wednesday when my sister was there.

My sister has struggled with drug addiction for many years. She has stolen things before when she’s needed money for a fix. My issue is that I really would hate to think she has taken his medals. She knows how important they are to him.

My grandfather has always given her whatever she’s asked for, against all of our wishes .  I’m sure if she’d have asked him for money he’d have given it to her. I’ve searched his house inside out and the medals are nowhere to be found.  I really don’t think my grandfather would forget or misplace something so important and I know my sister would think we’d blame it on his dementia. I wonder if I could get her to take a lie detector test but before booking it I wanted a bit of advice. Hope you can help me, my grandfather is devastated.

T. P., Edinburgh

Response from our Edinburgh Polygraph Examiner

From what you describe it does seem that your sister is the most likely suspect, assuming that your Grandad hasn’t hidden them away somewhere.

Look in unlikely places

Before booking a lie detector test, have another really good search for the medals.  Look in places you wouldn’t expect to find them. I had a friend once who lost her kettle.  The electric base for it was in its usual place on the kitchen work surface but no kettle.  An hour or so later she noticed that the milk was next to the kettle base and it should have been in the fridge.  She had put the kettle in the fridge instead of the milk! So it’s possible that your Grandad has done something similar.

However, if you still can’t find his war medals that’s the time to seriously consider a polygraph test. Our customer service team will be able to advise you on how best to convince your sister to take a test.

Tell them that you have had your question answered by the Edinburgh polygraph examiner and what I have advised.  You can then either book a lie detector test with them on the telephone or by using our secure online system.

As can be expected from any professional service, you matter will be kept entirely confidential.

I hope you find the medals but if not you can rely on me to ascertain whether or not your sister stole them.