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Nov 7, 2022 | Case Study, Edinburgh, Relationship, Scotland

Devastating Double Life leads to Edinburgh Lie Detector Test

When Sharon got her certificate in TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) her husband, John, was proud of her.  He never imagined it would lead to an Edinburgh lie detector test.

John had to admit that he was a workaholic. He wanted to provide the best for his family and worked excessively long hours to achieve it. He would be the first to admit that over the years he had neglected his duties as a husband and father. But after all, they wanted for nothing. On reflection, putting material things first had led him to miss school open days, family social gatherings and much more.

Sharon had brought the children up practically single handed. At 40, she was an amazingly attractive woman and with both kids now at university, she was bored.  When she told John she was taking the TEFL course he was all for it.

Teaching English away from home

Having gained her certificate Sharon became a supply teacher, at least that’s what she told John.  Working for an agency she was sent all over the country to teach immigrants English. It meant staying overnight on occasions when she was working hundreds of miles away from home.

If things had been bad in the marriage before, they became worse after 6 months of Sharon being in her new job.  They hardly saw each other and John found himself doing his own washing and cooking his own meals. If he called her when he got home, she never answered her phone. When she returned his call it was often the morning after.

On a rare occasion when they were both at home together Sharon was in the kitchen.  Her phone, which was in her handbag, rang and John went to retrieve it.  As he searched in the handbag he found it was full of cash.  There must have been at least £2,000 in the bag! Where had it come from he wondered? By the time he had taken the phone to her it had stopped ringing.  He handed her the phone and told her she’d missed a call.  She almost snatched it from him and placed it on the work surface.  He offered to take over stirring the white sauce she was making if she wanted to check her messages.  She abruptly said she didn’t.

Suspicious behaviour

That day sowed the first seed of suspicion.  Later in the evening, John checked their bank accounts online.  There had been no large cash withdrawals and there had been no payments in from Sharon’s agency work.  So where had she got all that money? He wanted to ask her but didn’t want her to think he had rifled through her handbag. He decided to wait and see if she volunteered any information.

Back at work, John couldn’t concentrate. Sharon was away in London for a week teaching but he hadn’t been able to get her on the phone in three days.  When she did finally ring she said she’d lost her phone and had to buy a new one.  Checking the bank accounts again, he found no record of a phone purchase. Something in the tone of her voice made him think she was lying. First thoughts of booking an Edinburgh lie detector test started to germinate.

A mugging or something else

Time passed and suspicion grew. After one trip away Sharon returned home with a black eye and red marks around her neck.  John was horrified and asked what happened.  She said she had been mugged and he asked what the police had done.  She hadn’t reported it, she said, because there was no point.  She’d been walking back to her hotel after evening classes and was grabbed from behind. When she kicked and fought back the guy had swung at her and that’s how she got the black eye. Luckily some lads on the other side of the road had shouted and her attacker ran off.  It was dark and the guy was wearing a mask so she could offer no description.  The police wouldn’t be able to help.  John insisted she reported it because others may be at risk.  After more tense discussion she agreed she would.

He ran a bath for her, said he would cook her meal and made her a stiff drink.  When she was in the bath he searched her handbag.  He felt bad about it but couldn’t think of another way. He found two phones, including the one she said she had lost. He started looking through her text messages and found nothing unusual on her original phone. The new one was a different matter. There were dozens of messages about appointments that had been made for her in hotels by an agency.  However, this was no ordinary employment agency – it appeared to be an escort agency.

John felt physically sick and ran to the downstairs cloakroom. He threw up until there was nothing left. Then he made his way upstairs holding the new phone. On entering the bathroom he could see that Sharon had bruises all over her body.


He held the phone out to her and asked if she would like to explain the text messages. She immediately confessed to working for an escort agency.  She said she had been at home for most of her life and wanted some excitement.  He had left her alone over all those years to look after the house and children. He was hardly ever home. Yes, she could have taught English but it didn’t pay that well and wouldn’t have given her the buzz she needed.  Being 40 she wanted to feel attractive and interesting.  She went out to dinner and to the theatre with men who paid a lot for her company. But, she hastened to add, there was no sex involved.

John didn’t believe her.  What about the bruises, how had she really got them?  She said a client wanted her to have a drink in his hotel room before they went to dinner.  She had stupidly agreed and that’s when he attacked her, wanting sex when it was against the rules of the agency. He’d raped her and when it was over, threatened to tell her husband having found her details in her bag. She was terrified that John would find out and so hadn’t reported it.

Edinburgh lie detector test

Despite her story sounding plausible, John wasn’t convinced and he told her so.  That night he booked an Edinburgh lie detector test online.  He might be able to get over her being an escort but not if sex had been involved. If she was telling the truth about the rape, he would take her to a police station and they would report it together.

He gave Sharon an ultimatum.  Either she took the test or their marriage was over.

Sharon took the Edinburgh lie detector test and the results proved she was not telling the truth about the rape, or having sex with her clients.  She begged John to forgive her but he just couldn’t. The thought that she was having sex with strangers was something he couldn’t get over.  She had exposed herself to danger. What if she had been killed? How would he explain that to their children? It wasn’t as if she needed the money.  He’d worked his whole life to make sure the family was well cared for.  They had a beautiful home and everything they needed.


There is no doubt it is commendable to take care of your family as John did. However, money doesn’t buy everything. Lack of attention and feeling neglected can make people behave in ways we may never be able to understand. It’s sad that this marriage came to an end in the way it did but there is a lesson to be learned.  Achieving a good work/life balance may have prevented this tragedy.

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