When a mother didn’t entirely believe the verdict of a court she booked a lie detector test in Edinburgh to establish the truth.

Edwina’s case

Cameron and Finlay were always getting into trouble. Normally things like stealing cars, graffiti and petty theft. Finlay had always got away with it and someone else had taken the blame but this time was different. They’d been arrested near someone’s house with stolen items in the car.

The house had been burgled and the owner was devastated. Luckily, they’d arrived home and had seen the car drive away. It was their car. Cameron and Finlay had stolen the keys when they burgled the house.

As luck would have it there was a police car in the area and it didn’t take long for them to locate the vehicle and its occupants. The car was fine and so were the owner’s possessions that were in it.  The same couldn’t be said for the state of their home.

In the Dock

The case had been complicated with Cameron taking the rap for the burglary and saying that Finlay was only the lookout and driver. Edwina, Finlay’s mother didn’t believe a word of it. She didn’t want her son to go to prison for a long time, so she kept quiet. As usual, luck appeared to be on Finlay’s side, he got away with a fine and community unpaid hours. Cameron went to prison and thankfully for quite a while, he wouldn’t be hanging around with Finlay for some time she thought

On a need to know basis

Edwina was scared for her son and couldn’t shake the feeling this was a lucky escape.  The next time he may not be as fortunate. She decided to contact us for a lie detector Edinburgh. If she knew the truth then hopefully she could do something before it was too late. She chose our Edinburgh office as it was easy to get to and she was happy to learn that there was no glaring signage.  Hence if anyone did see Finlay going into the building they wouldn’t know why he was there.

She spoke to Finlay about taking the polygraph test and he protested that he’d been absolved from committing burglary by a court. Why didn’t his mother believe him? Edwina told him to take the test or leave and don’t come back. At 18 he was still living at home and needed his mother’s support so his choices were few.

The day of the test arrived and Edwina took a very reluctant Finlay to the Edinburgh lie detector test office. She had the results in her hand a few hours later. Upsettingly but as she expected, Finlay had been in the house that day and had helped with the burglary. He wasn’t forced into it, as had been insinuated in court and he knew exactly what he’d been doing.

Ultimatum Time

Edwina told Finlay he had two choices – find a job and get back on the straight and narrow or she would give the results of the polygraph test to the police. She realised this wouldn’t change anything as the ruling had already been given. However it would provide them with evidence he always had more to do with the crimes than was originally believed. If he stepped out of line again, they wouldn’t be so lenient.

Edwina has reported to us since the polygraph examination that her son is doing well and has moved to a new area with his father.

Lie detector test in Edinburgh

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