We invite Alex Salmond to take a Sexual Contact Lie Detector Test in Edinburgh

Nov 23, 2022 | Edinburgh, Law, Scotland, Sex Abuse

Following the arrest and subsequent charges leveled against Alex Salmond we would like to invite him to take a lie detector test in Edinburgh.

The former first minister of Scotland appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday where he faced 9 charges of sexual assault, 2 indecent assaults, 2 attempted rapes and 1 breach of the peace. These charges are the culmination of an investigation that has been ongoing since September 2018.

Below is his statement about the charges after leaving the court:


Who is Alex Salmond?

Mr Salmond is a well-known Scottish politician whose career has spanned 30 years.  Responsible for leading the SNP to victory in Edinburgh and achieving the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum he has served as both an MP and MSP.  Having lost the referendum, with 55 percent of Scots choosing to remain in the United Kingdom, he resigned as leader of the SNP Party and as first minister.  In the 2017 general election he lost his seat in parliament.

Successful legal challenge

When complaints were initially made regarding the alleged sexual misconduct the Scottish government launched an internal investigation.  He has always denied the allegations. Earlier this year Mr Salmond successfully, legally challenged the Scottish government’s handling of the complaints. It emerged that his accusers had been interviewed prior to them filing official complaints.

The Scottish government admitted that it had breached the rules, was illegal and that its conduct seemed biased.

Lie detector test in Edinburgh

In cases where the accused denies charges of sexual misconduct one of the quickest ways to restore a reputation is to submit to a polygraph examination.

We invite Mr Salmond to take a lie detector test in Edinburgh conducted by our highly qualified and experienced polygraph examiner.  The results of the test will remain confidential and Mr Salmond can use them as he wishes.

Former constituents and colleagues have expressed shock at the allegations. Perhaps lie detector test results will provide some clarity in the matter.

Do you think Alex Salmond should take the test?  Let us know.

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