Lie Detector Test in Cambridge

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If you need a lie detector test in Cambridge for infidelity, false accusations or theft you can book online using our secure reservation system.

Lie Detector Test in Cambridge

We offer professional, confidential, and highly accurate polygraph services, conducted by accredited examiners. Conveniently located in the heart of Cambridge, we are committed to delivering dependable results with the utmost integrity and discretion. Trust Lie Detector Test UK – Cambridge, your reliable partner in truth verification.

Private Polygraph Test / Lie Detector Test location in Cambridge

Visit our discreet venue at Wellington House, East Rd, Petersfield, Cambridge CB1 1BH, United Kingdom, where privacy is paramount. Please note our office operates strictly by appointment, ensuring dedicated attention to your needs. We eagerly await your consultation.

Secure Online Booking

Use our secure online booking system to request your preferred date, time and location for a lie detector test.

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To ensure efficiency, we only accept appointments through our online booking system. Upon booking, you’ll receive an SMS and email confirmation. Booking online is the most efficient and optimal way to schedule a polygraph test. This method ensures a seamless experience from start to finish, eliminating potential delays and simplifying the entire process for our clients.
Our offices where we conduct lie detector tests are chosen based on their closeness to clients and their prior suitability. Typically, Controlled Environment Examination Offices are accessible within a 10-15 mile radius of your mainland addresses, ensuring convenience and professional settings for your needs.
Update: Limited slots in Scotland: If you require a lie detector test to be conducted in Scotland, please click here.

To proceed and confirm your booking, we only require an upfront payment of a £125 booking fee (non-refundable).

The booking fee is paid at the time of the booking and is then deducted from the total amount due.

The non-refundable booking fee ensures the customer's commitment to the scheduled appointment and supports the administrative costs associated with securing preferred time slots, conducting pre-examination assessments, and assigning a qualified polygraph examiner. This fee will be deducted from the full payment for the polygraph test. It's important to note that the full payment must be completed within 24 hours after the examiner approves the pre-examination assessment, ensuring your dedication and helping to minimize cancellations. The payment is non-refundable to ensure that the subject does in fact intend to take the test.

Without these measures in place, there is a temptation for a guilty party to book a test as proof that they have nothing to hide, and subsequently cancel the booking. Please be sure you or the test taker can, and intend to make the appointment when you book with us

As a highly mobile polygraph service that operates day and night, including weekends, for the convenience of our clients, we must manage our scheduling and fee collection efficiently. To maintain our competitive pricing, it is essential to ensure that cancellations after long commutes do not result in lost work and income. Therefore, we require full payment no later than 24 hours after the examiner accepts the pre-examination assessment, in addition to the £125 non-refundable booking fee at the time of making your appointment.

Once an appointment is made, fees are non-refundable. You may certainly call for a free consultation at any time, we simply ask that you not schedule an appointment until you are certain you can make that appointment.

Experience precise, professional polygraph exams, cross-verified by accredited British Polygraph Society Examiners.

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Lie Detector Test Cambridge Prices:

  • Single Person: £495
  • Couple (2 people): £690
  • Group (min. 3 people): £295 per person

Turn to Cambridge’s elite lie detector service for outcomes steeped in exactitude and the highest level of trust, all facilitated by advanced technology.

Choosing to undergo a lie detector test is a notable step. For those residing in Cambridge, having a clear understanding of the affiliated costs is essential. Our pricing approach in Cambridge effortlessly blends straightforwardness with value, ensuring customers receive top-tier service without an undue financial burden.

Single Person Test: In Cambridge, an individual opting for the lie detector test is priced at £495. This encompasses a detailed scrutiny overseen by our esteemed polygraph experts, a testament to our dedication to detail and trustworthiness.

Couple’s Test: For couples intending to both take the test, the consolidated fee stands at £690. This bespoke package is designed to examine the intricate facets of relationships, offering insightful clarity to both participants.

Group Tests: When arrangements require the testing of groups of at least three individuals, the rate is set at £295 per member. This conscientious pricing ensures that larger groups or professional entities can tap into our top-notch expertise without any compromise on the quality or veracity of the results.

Every evaluation we facilitate leverages the latest in equipment and methodologies. This dedication assures that each outcome is not only of the highest accuracy but also of unwavering reliability. For those in Cambridge seeking unequivocal clarity and peace of mind, the city’s foremost lie detector service stands as the ideal choice.

Cambridge polygraph proves alcoholism

Cambridge polygraph proves alcoholism A Cambridge lie detector test recently proved an alcohol addiction. Our client Gerald came to us suspecting his friend Tim had an alcohol addiction. Read below for Gerald and Tom’s story and the outcome of the case. The start...

Invitation to Priyamvada Gopal to take a Lie Detector Test in Cambridge

We invite Priyamvada Gopal of “Abolish whiteness” fame to take a lie detector test in Cambridge, or anywhere else she finds convenient.

Cambridge Lie Detector Test

The Cambridge lie detector test results our clients received this week will ensure they celebrate a happy Valentine’s Day today.

Lie Detector Test in Cambridge

When her granddaughter kept losing jobs after things went missing where she worked, a grandmother took action with a lie detector test in Cambridge

Case Study: Booking a Cambridge Lie Detector Test Online cancels Wedding

Paul’s wedding to Alicia was just two weeks away when he learned about a Cambridge lie detector test online. Alicia had confessed to sleeping with someone else during their 3 year relationship.

Cambridge Lie Detector Test for Infidelity

Cambridge is one of Britain’s famous seats of learning and is a city that thrives on tourism. Tourists and residents alike find inspiration in the many art galleries and museums to be found there. The exquisite architecture of the college buildings is awe inspiring and to explore the quaint narrow streets, with “olde worlde” shops is a joy for anyone who wants to step back in history. People who live in Cambridge can expect to live longer and generally are in better health than the UK national average.

Recent data from Illicit Encounters ‘Infidelity Index’ shows that more than 8,000 adults in Cambridge are playing around behind their partners’ backs. This doesn’t surprise us since our Cambridge lie detector test for infidelity is in high demand.

Websites that cater specifically for those wishing to indulge in extra-marital affairs may be seen as a measure of moral decline in society. However, Illicit Encounters maintains if its site didn’t exist people would find other ways of meeting illicit partners.

The effect of infidelity

The overwhelming effect of cheating is a complete erosion of trust. Almost everyone who indulges in infidelity thinks they won’t get caught. But suspicious partners are turning more and more to polygraph services to ease their anxiety.

Rather than spend months arguing and further damaging their relationships people see the lie detector test as a method of quickly finding the truth.
Cambridge lie detector test location

Our accredited and highly professional polygraph examiners conduct tests in our nationwide, secure, controlled offices. Alternatively they can visit your home provided certain strict criteria are met. Ideal conditions for the test include absolute quiet and no interruptions. If the home is seen by your partner as a hostile environment, it’s best to opt for one of our offices local to you.

Test and results

Ordinarily the test will take two hours comprising a pre-test interview during which the subject and the examiner will discuss the questions to be asked and get to know each other. This is followed by the polygraph examination.

If the matter is simple, as infidelity cases often are, the results will be available immediately and the person who ordered the test will be informed. Within 24/48 hours a detailed, fully analysed report will be sent to the email or postal address that you have given to our examiner. We will never share your information with anyone else without your permission.

Cambridge polygraph proves alcoholism

Cambridge polygraph proves alcoholism A Cambridge lie detector test recently proved an alcohol addiction. Our client Gerald came to us suspecting his friend Tim had an alcohol addiction. Read below for Gerald and Tom’s story and the outcome of the case. The start...

We are a premier provider of polygraph services, committed to delivering the highest level of professional, reliable, and confidential lie detection services to our clients in and around the Cambridge area.

Our team is composed of accredited and highly trained examiners who have undergone rigorous training to ensure that our polygraph examinations adhere to the best practices in the industry. We conduct our tests with meticulous care, ensuring precision, professionalism, and complete confidentiality in all of our operations.

Our Cambridge office is located conveniently in the heart of the city, making it easily accessible for clients in Cambridge and the surrounding areas. This regional presence underscores our commitment to providing localised services to our clients, right in their own community.

Here at Lie Detector Test UK – Cambridge, we understand the seriousness of the situations that necessitate a lie detector test. Therefore, we handle each case with utmost respect and discretion. Our examiners use the latest polygraph technology and techniques to administer the tests, which are designed to accurately and objectively assess truthfulness.

Whether it is for personal, legal, or professional reasons, Lie Detector Test UK – Cambridge offers a comprehensive suite of polygraph services tailored to suit your specific needs. We extend our services to both individuals and businesses, delivering accurate results that can help in decision making, resolving disputes, or confirming truthfulness.

Choosing Lie Detector Test UK – Cambridge means you’re partnering with a company that values trust, integrity, and confidentiality above all else. We stand by our service, and our dedication to delivering precise and dependable results sets us apart.

For more information or to schedule a lie detector test in Cambridge, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated team will be more than willing to guide you through the process, addressing any concerns you might have and ensuring your experience with us is both comfortable and conclusive.

Lie Detector Test UK – Cambridge, where truth, professionalism, and reliability meet.

At Lie Detector Test UK – Cambridge, we are pleased to extend our professional polygraph services to neighbouring locations. Aside from Cambridge, we also serve:

1. Ely
2. Newmarket
3. Bury St Edmunds
4. St. Neots
5. Huntingdon
6. Royston
7. Saffron Walden
8. Haverhill
9. St Ives
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14. Letchworth Garden City
15. Bedford
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17. Braintree
18. Sudbury
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20. Luton

Our commitment to accessibility and client service ensures professional polygraph testing is within reach, no matter where you are in the greater Cambridge area.