Cambridge polygraph proves alcoholism

A Cambridge lie detector test recently proved an alcohol addiction. Our client Gerald came to us suspecting his friend Tim had an alcohol addiction. Read below for Gerald and Tom’s story and the outcome of the case.

The start

Gerald met Tom during fresher’s week at Cambridge University. The pair both played Rugby and were joining in with the team’s traditional initiations. Gerald remembered how he immediately loved Tom’s quick wit and great sense of humour. Tom ended up drinking too much that evening and Gerald helped him home. From the next day, the pair became the best of friends.

Suspicion begins

Although Gerald knew the initiations were heavy drinking events, he started to worry Tom had issues when they got a flat together with another friend in the second term. The group didn’t like their flatmates in the university accommodation, so managed to go privately instead finding a house near to the campus. Living with Tom, Gerald noticed how most evenings Tom would drink himself into a state of deep sleep or passing out.


Worried for Tom’s health and his studies, Gerald confronted Tom. Tom denied having an issue and became quite aggressive telling Gerald to “mind his own business”. Gerald decided to lay low with Tom for a while, but quietly kept a diary of his drinking behaviours. The next week Gerald rang his mum who was a nurse and confided in her how he was worried about Tom’s behaviour. He told his mum how his drinking now meant he wasn’t going into lectures and he had noticed he wasn’t eating as much either. Gerald’s mum told him he needed to be careful in how he confronted him again but agreed it sounded like Tom was an alcoholic. She suggested the NHS website and Talk to Frank website for help. Reading through his options. Gerald decided he would ask Tom to do a lie detector test.

The test

Tom eventually agreed to take the test just to “Shut Gerald up from worrying over him”. The pair turned up to our Cambridge office and Tom took his lie detector test. The test showed Tom guilty of lying over how often he enjoyed a drink and if he had missed university lectures because of wanting to drink. Tom started to cry after the test was over. Gerald came in and comforted Tom, who admitted he had a problem. He said he needed the test to act as a reality check and he was sorry he had been putting Gerald through it. Gerald and Tom came up with an action plan of informing the university and seeing what help and advice they had on hand. Tom has also visited his GP and is now undergoing treatment professionally.

If you suspect your friend or loved one has an unhealthy addiction, why not book your test online with us today. You can also call our free helpline on 07572 748364 for advice and booking enquiries.