Lie Detector Test in Cambridge identifies Kleptomania

When you go out to exercise or enjoy yourself you expect your belongings to be safe. You’re given a key to a locker and think you can leave it unattended. There have been a lot of thefts from leisure centres across the country from dishonest staff or customers, and this can be damaging to the leisure industry. A grandmother never thought she’d need to call us for a lie detector test in Cambridge to help her granddaughter get back on the straight and narrow.

Flora’s case

Flora knew her granddaughter Stacey, had suffered when her father had left. She’d gone completely off the rails, staying out all night and being in and out of work. She didn’t seem to be growing up very well at all. There were rumours she’d been stealing from the gym she’d worked in previously. A number of customers had complained about purses missing from lockers and jewellery. She was also accused of taking from the till but as they had no CCTV they couldn’t prove who the culprit was. A few weeks later she had a performance review and they let her go, saying something about her conduct at work. Flora has asked Stacey to take them to a tribunal but she didn’t seem interested.

Missing items from casino cloakroom

Stacey then got a job as a cloakroom assistant at the local casino and the same thing seemed to be happening to its customers. Flora knew it wasn’t a coincidence. The array of new clothes Stacey was showing up in and the recent gifts she’d been giving her just couldn’t be possible on her salary. There was CCTV everywhere in the casino, except one place – the cloakroom. Flora confronted Stacey’s mother, Elaine, who said she’d asked Stacey about it. Stacey had gone mad at her claiming she was just as bad as her employers. Elaine had left the conversation there because she didn’t want Stacey to leave home. If Stacey left, Elaine would be completely alone and she didn’t think she could cope with that.

Facing the wrath of Grandma

Flora contacted us to discuss a lie detector test in Cambridge. Stacey had always listened to her grandmother and wouldn’t dare say no to anything she asked. She had denied all the allegations when Flora spoke to her about it but Flora didn’t believe her. She knew if she found out the truth that Stacey would stop. Flora had been the disciplinarian in her life and Stacey wouldn’t do it again if her grandmother said she didn’t want to see her anymore. Flora would do anything for her granddaughter but she couldn’t watch her self destruct.

Lie detector test in Cambridge

Stacey arrived on time for the test accompanied by Flora. She found the setting peaceful and calm, not what Flora had expected at all. Watching her granddaughter led away by our polygraph examiner, Flora hoped she was wrong.

Stacey’s results were sent to Flora within 24 hours and the family sat down to read them together. Stacey had stolen the money and belongings but the worst thing was she didn’t know why. Instead she told the examiner that she’d stolen items on impulse.  It was something she couldn’t control.

Medical intervention

Stacey was referred to a psychiatrist by her GP and diagnosed with Kleptomania. Prescribed antidepressants, her sessions with the psychiatrist focus on behavioural management.  Flora insisted that the items she had stolen be returned.

Stacey is now living with her grandmother and not her mother. Stacey’s mother clung too tight to her due to the fear of being lonely and had stopped setting boundaries. This may have been what sparked the Kleptomania but the results of the lie detector test in Cambridge showed she needed more stability.

Flora has reported Stacey is doing well, the rebellious side of her is dwindling and she hasn’t stolen anything in months.

Polygraph services

The role that polygraph services play in setting people on the road to recovery with psychological issues can never be underestimated.  People don’t always lie or steal for gain.  The deep rooted reasons will often be revealed during a polygraph test.

If you have someone close to you that needs help contact us to find out if we can help. You can call our confidential Free Helpline on 07572 748364 or book a test directly online. You will find our polygraph examiners operating in most major towns and cities throughout the UK.