Paul’s wedding to Alicia was just two weeks away when he learned about a Cambridge lie detector test online. Alicia had confessed to sleeping with someone else during their 3 year relationship.

Paul’s story

When Paul met Alicia at university he fell in love immediately.  The ‘love at first sight’ that he had never believed in had now happened to him. Thoughts of her dominated his life and made it difficult for him to concentrate on his studies.

She was intelligent, beautiful and had a great sense of humour.  Some 6 months down the line of dating, he found out she was a considerate and sensual lover too. She took his breath as well as his virginity away.

A year later they were living together in a cheap but cheerful one bedroom flat. There wasn’t much furniture but it didn’t matter because they spent every spare minute in bed. Their lives were perfect or so Paul thought.

Flirtatious behaviour

The only thing that slightly marred Paul’s happiness was that Alicia was a flirt.  When they were at a pub she flirted with his mates and even the waiter when they went for the odd treat to a restaurant. He could hardly complain because that was one of the things that had attracted him to her. But jealousy often reared its ugly head and cross words ensued.

Alicia said it wasn’t her problem if he had no confidence in himself. What he considered to be flirting was her being sociable. In one particularly heated discourse, she told him she would leave unless he contained his jealousy.  Paul was horrified.  The thought of losing her was too much to bear so he agreed to calm down. He learned to hide the green monster but it continued to bubble under the surface.

They had been living together for 18 months when Paul asked Alicia to marry him.  Her acceptance gave him the confidence he had lacked. She must love him if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him surely?

The bombshell

One Saturday, as they sat discussing the wedding plans Alicia said she needed to tell him something. When Paul had been away on a course 3 months ago his best mate, Stuart, had come round to the flat.  He’d forgotten Paul was away.  Alicia had been in the process of trying to fit a new blind in the bedroom window when he called and he’d offered to do it for her. She’d offered a beer in return.

After the blind was fitted they both sat on the bed with a beer admiring his handiwork. One thing led to another and they’d ended up in bed together. What she forgot to tell Paul was the reason she was confessing.  Stuart felt guilty about what they had done and was on the point of telling Paul.

Apart from being absolutely furious about the abject betrayal of two people most close to him, Paul was terribly hurt.  He called Stuart and arranged to meet him at the local pub.  Paul had downed quite a few vodkas by the time Stuart arrived.  At 11 am there weren’t many people around so they picked a quiet corner to iron out their differences.

Stuart was in tears as he apologised and said that Alicia had thrown herself at him.  He had pushed her off and told her it was wrong but she was very persuasive. He wasn’t minimising his part in it but he had given in to temptation after a lot of pressure.  Had Paul not called him, he would have arranged to meet because he wanted to tell him.

Why Stuart wanted to confess

Stuart felt bad about what he had done to his best friend.  However, he might not have told him had it not been for a conversation he’d had with another of his close friends, Robert.  Stuart, felt terrible when he’d left Alicia that day and he’d spoken to Robert about it.

He was shocked when Robert told him that he too had been almost raped by Alicia. He’d been at a night club when Alicia was on a girls’ night out. At the end of the night, he’d shared a taxi with her and a couple of her friends. One by one the other girls had been dropped off and that left Alicia and him together in the cab as they were the last. As the cab approached the road where Alicia’s home was she stopped it and asked to be dropped off at the end of the road.  Robert asked why and she said Paul would be jealous if he saw her in the car with another man.  Robert, concerned for her safety, offered to walk her part of the way.  He paid the cab driver and they both set off on foot.  Alicia put her arm through his and passing an alleyway she pulled him into it.

Her hands were all over his body as she pushed him against a wall.  She had kissed him passionately. He’d pushed her away saying that she’d had too much to drink and she would regret this in the morning.  She said that Paul neglected her and was always accusing her of cheating on him. She wasn’t she said, but since she got into the same trouble whether she did or didn’t why shouldn’t she have some fun?

There was no one around and she’d undone his belt – the rest was history.  He’d given in.

A chance meeting

Waking up in his bedroom the following morning, Robert didn’t feel great. He still lived with his parents and caught his Dad in the morning before he went out.  Sitting in his father’s study, Robert told him what he had done and how bad he felt about it. His Dad said he should forget about it. Yes, he’d been foolish and morally reprehensible but it wasn’t entirely his fault.  Most young men would have found it hard to resist. With a warning to keep away from Alicia, his Dad patted him on the back and left.

However, Robert had seen Alicia out again a month later. He caught sight of her across a crowded bar. She was chatting with a man he didn’t know. Robert was at the bar with some of his colleagues and whilst sitting with them he kept an eye on Alicia.  She was fairly drunk when she left the bar, arm in arm with the stranger.

Robert had no idea why he did it, but he excused himself from the group he was with and followed the pair.  Part of him was concerned that she was so drunk and might get herself into trouble. But there was something else that he couldn’t quite reconcile in his mind. It was a curiosity as to what she might do.

Booking the Cambridge lie detector test online

Robert kept his distance the night he followed Alicia and saw her do to the stranger exactly what she had done with him.  The difference was that the stranger was more than willing.

As Stuart related all of this to Paul, he felt sick. No one wants to be the bearer of such awful news especially two weeks away from a wedding. Stuart told Paul that after his discussion with Robert he had called Alicia and told her to come clean.  If she didn’t he would. So that was why Alicia had confessed.

He also told Paul that he knew how much he loved Alicia.  Perhaps they could seek counselling and maybe get over this. But she’d cheated on him with 3 men in 4 months so what if there were more? Could Paul forgive that and more importantly forget it?

Both he and Robert had discussed paying for the Cambridge lie detector test online, which was the least they could do.  If Paul wanted to know the whole truth this was the quickest way to get it. Paul agreed.


When Paul got home he was mentally drained and he’d drunk himself sober.  Alicia wanted to know where he had been.  Had he and Stuart had a fight she wanted to know?  He told her that he wanted to sleep. She could have the bed and he would sleep on the sofa. She wasn’t happy with that at all and tried to pull him into the bedroom.  He firmly put her to one side and his look had told her that it was best to leave him alone.

In the morning, he told Alicia that she should get dressed because she was taking a polygraph test in Cambridge at 11:15.  “A what?” she asked.  He explained that he had booked a Cambridge lie detector test online. If she agreed to take it there might be some chance of them repairing their relationship.  If not, the wedding was definitely off.

Before she went Paul asked her how many men she’d had sex with during their relationship. “Only Stuart” she answered.

Test and results

Having booked the Cambridge lie detector test online, Paul had been able to discuss the questions to be asked with the polygraph examiner.  When being questioned about her infidelity, it was accepted that Paul knew she had cheated with one person.  When asked if there were any more that she’d:

a) Passionately kissed

b) Had sexual contact with


c) had sexual intercourse with

She answered “no”.

Naturally Paul already knew what the results would be so they came as no surprise when he received the fully analysed report.

Alicia vehemently denied that she had cheated with anyone other than Stuart. Paul calmly told her that he knew about Robert and the other man from the bar. And that was when the normally flirtatious Alicia transformed into a person he didn’t know. She insulted him, blamed him and told him to get out.  “Will you cancel the wedding or shall I?” he asked as he left.

Polygraph services

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