Cambridge Lie Detector Test Results prove Gay Couple’s Commitment

The Cambridge lie detector test results our clients received this week will ensure they celebrate a happy Valentine’s Day today.

Barry and Jared’s Case

Barry and Jared had been together for two years. With Valentine’s Day coming up, Barry wanted to make it special and was going to tell Jared he’d set their wedding date. As much as Barry loved being engaged to Jared, he wanted to finalise things and have a lavish party to boot. They’d been inseparable since they met and he thought it was about time they took their relationship to the next level.

Family taboo

Barry had come out to his family when he was 14, some 20 years previously but Barry’s admission had only been a year prior. They’d spent a lot of time seeing each other in secret but now they went everywhere together. Jared wasn’t a great lover of public displays of affection and Barry was fine with that, for now at least.  Barry had already introduced Jared to the family and they welcomed him with open arms. It seemed odd that Jared hadn’t done the same and whenever Barry brought it up, he’d make an excuse about them being busy. He’d asked Jared if his family really knew about their relationship and he always said they did. They’d never popped round for coffee and the men had been living together for just over a year. Barry found this odd but Jared always reassured him they were fine with the relationship.

Flamboyant wedding

Barry had always wanted an over the top wedding with all his friends and family there but Jared seemed to want a smaller, and as he put it a more intimate affair. The more Barry tried to sort out the guest list and the date, the more distant Jared became. Barry was concerned ahead of their romantic evening that Jared was having second thoughts and maybe he’d met someone else. He’d asked Jared if he was cheating just after Christmas and he’d told him not to be so silly. Barry needed to know before he forced someone into marrying him when they may not love him.

Cambridge lie detector test

He contacted us about a Cambridge lie detector test for infidelity last week to find out what it would entail.  Having discussed the matter he arranged a couples test at home.  He felt it only fair that they both took polygraph tests to establish their commitment to one another.

Jared was upset that Barry would even consider he would cheat on him but agreed to take the test to help save their relationship. He loved Barry more than anything and wanted them to have a happy and full life together.

The Cambridge lie detector test results revealed that neither partner had been unfaithful and that both wanted to marry. However, included in the questions our examiner asked Jared was one about Jared’s parents. Did they accept their relationship? Jared had broken down at this point and confirmed he’d never told his parents he was gay and he was struggling to. The polygraph test had shown Jared he needed to be honest about his sexuality and who he was.

 Coming out

With Barry’s help Jared told his parents how he felt about Barry. The funny thing was, they were sure he was gay all along. Jared felt getting his parents’ approval was the best Valentine’s gift ever. When Barry tells him about the wedding he has planned for 6 months’ time this evening, we are pretty certain that Jared will be over the moon.

East Anglia Polygraph Services

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We have changed the names and location in this case study to protect our client’s identities.