Uttoxeter Lie Detector Test Enquiry about Missing Jewellery

Nov 27, 2020

Uttoxeter Lie Detector Test Enquiry about Missing Jewellery

We received this enquiry last week for a Uttoxeter lie detector test when jewellery went missing after the death of a loved one.  This type of theft is extremely distressing and it’s surprising how often it happens.

Q: Will a lie detector test tell me who stole my grandmother’s jewellery?

My grandmother died last week from Covid-19 and as you can imagine our family was and is still devastated by it.  She died at home but I wasn’t told about it until 3 days after her death.  I don’t get on with Frank, the person my Nan has lived with for a number of years.

Anyway, because I know I am an executor of her will I went round to her house to gather some documents together.  When I arrived I admit that I was fuming with Frank because it had taken a neighbour to tell me that Nan had died.  He should have informed me.  He was singularly unhelpful with regard to things I was looking for including the will, her insurance policies and bank statements.  I also wanted her jewellery for safekeeping.

Eventually I found what I was looking for, with the exception of the jewellery. Frank insists that he has no idea where it is but considering he is the only person who has lived in the house, other than Nan, I don’t believe him. She kept her jewellery in a very distinctive box and that is also missing.

The house now belongs to me and my siblings.  I know that my Nan would have wanted us to let Frank live in it for the duration of his life (he is 78) and it is my intention to allow that.  But I won’t if he doesn’t tell me where the jewellery is.

Can you do a lie detector test in Uttoxeter and is it likely to help?

W. K., Uttoxeter

Response from West Midlands Polygraph Examiner

We are sorry to hear of your loss. The last thing you need is more distress in the circumstances.

Yes, we can conduct a Uttoxeter lie detector test either in our controlled offices or at your Nan’s home. However, Frank would have to voluntarily agree to take it and also be in possession of all his faculties.  If you have any doubts about this it might be necessary for his doctor to certify that he has sufficient mental capacity to understand what he is agreeing to.

It may be that when you mention the polygraph examination, he will confess all he knows.  If not, the test should establish whether he knows where the jewellery is or what happened to it.  We can formulate questions based on what you want to know.

Perhaps you could call us on our free helpline (0800 368 8277) so that I can discuss the matter in more detail with you.  When calling please tell our customer care representative that you have been asked to call in by the West Midlands Polygraph Examiner.

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