Swindon polygraph proves Jubilee party kiss

Jul 7, 2022 | Infidelity, Polygraph Examiner, Swindon

Swindon polygraph proves Jubilee party kiss

A Swindon polygraph proves Jubilee party kiss when our client Ron came to us suspecting his fiancé Yaz guilty of cheating on him. Here is Ron’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK helped him get the truth he deserved.

The beginning

Ron met Yaz through a mutual university friend when the pair were studying in Swindon. They hit it off immediately over their shared interest of music. Ron adored jazz whilst Yaz was a keen Trumpet player in a jazz band. Two years after dating Ron popped the question and the couple bought and moved into a flat together.

Suspicions start

Ron recalls how things changed after the pandemic. Yaz had left her old jazz band due to people no longer being able to commit and the group breaking up. Yaz joined a new jazz band several months ago and was super excited that their first performance would be at a street party for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The video

Yaz asked Marie, the couple’s mutual friend, if she would mind helping her set up the stage section for their jubilee performance. Marie said she would love to help her and the two girls left the afternoon before the event to go and sexy up and prepare. However, the girls didn’t return for hours and it started to get late. Ron tried ringing Yaz but just kept getting her answer phone. He popped online to try messaging her on her Instagram, but saw Marie had uploaded a story only five minutes before. He viewed the story and could see the girls in a local pub partying with Yaz’s band members. To his shock, he saw Yaz and her bandmate Tom in a close embrace in the background.


When Yaz finally got home that evening, Ron showed her the video. He asked her what was going on, and Yaz said that they were simply friends and there was nothing to worry about. Ron decided to trust Yaz as he had no reason to think otherwise, but was still unsure. The next evening however at the event, Ron went to find Yaz after her performance and walked in on her and Tom sharing a close embrace again, and he was convinced they had just finished sharing a kiss.

Time for a lie detector test

Upset and confused about what to do next, Ron researched his options online and found Lie Detector Test UK’s website and blog. He read about how a lie detector test could find out the truth in infidelity cases like his. He booked a test using our online booking system on behalf of Yaz and told her that evening what he had done. Yaz agreed to take the test and said he had nothing to worry about.

The results

A week later the couple turned up to our office in Swindon and Yaz took her lie detector test. The results showed she was lying and she asked to speak to Ron. She confessed to Ron that she had shared a kiss with Tom at the Jubilee party. Furthermore, Yaz revealed she had been meeting with Tom in private since she joined her new band. At first, she was interested in becoming friends with Tom as they shared a lot of common interests. However, as time went on she had realised she had an attraction to Tom. She apologised to Ron and said it was best that they took a break. Ron agreed and is staying with his Sister for the time being, whilst the couple go to couple’s counselling. He thanked Lie Detector Test UK for their time and help in his case, although the truth was hard he is happy to have found it out.

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