Sutton Coldfield Lie Detector Test proves who didn’t Assault Ex Boyfriend

When his partner’s ex-boyfriend was badly beaten up, our client was accused of doing it. Ultimately he ordered a Sutton Coldfield lie detector test to prove his innocence.

Alexander’s Case

When Alexander met Julia he knew she was ‘the one’ almost immediately. But Julia came with a lot of emotional baggage.  Her previous relationship had been disastrous, with her enduring psychological and domestic abuse spanning more than 3 years.

When she finally walked away from the relationship with Darren, her ex, it took over 2 years for her to consider seeing anyone else. And it had taken another 2 years for her to trust Alexander. But they had weathered all the storms together and were happy except for one thing.

Stalking and harassment

Darren constantly messaged Julia. Sometimes he begged her to come back and at others he insulted and threatened her.  It infuriated Alexander that she wouldn’t report him to the police.  Darren was stalking her in hie view.

Julia said it wasn’t her way to seek revenge but considering what she had been through with Darren, Alexander worried for her safety. The guy had beaten her black and blue and destroyed her confidence. It wasn’t a matter of revenge. He should be punished and stopped from doing it to anyone else. It made Alexander angry to even think about it.

Police visit

One day the police arrived at Alexander’s office. They wanted to interview him about a violent assault. Darren was in hospital with broken ribs and a ruptured spleen as a result of an attack. When asked if he knew who had attacked him he had given them Alexander’s name.

Since Alexander had been at a conference some miles away from where the assault took place it was impossible for him to have been responsible for it.  The police said they would check out his alibi.

As far as Alexander was concerned it couldn’t have happened to a ‘nicer’ guy and he would applaud anyone who had done it. Not that he said this to the police but he did share that thought with Julia.

Sutton Coldfield lie detector test

Knowing how much Alexander despised Darren, Julia wanted to know if he had done it. The conference he went to wasn’t so far away that he couldn’t have sneaked out. Darren kept messaging her telling her that it was Alexander.

Julia wouldn’t leave it alone. If he had done it she couldn’t stay with another violent person she said. Alexander would have loved to be guilty but he wasn’t. However, the constant messaging from Darren was driving a wedge between them.

In consequence he booked a Sutton Coldfield lie detector test with our Birmingham Polygraph Examiner. The test results showed no deception when he answered questions about the assault. He hadn’t done it and nor had he arranged for anyone else to do it.  He had no knowledge whatsoever about the assailant.


Alexander has not been charged with any offence and Julia now accepts that he had nothing to do with Darren’s demise. Rumour has it that Darren fell off his motorbike whilst drunk and there was no assault at all.  He was clearly trying to break up Julia’s relationship.

Birmingham Polygraph Services

If you can relate to Alexander’s case, perhaps a lie detector test can help you.  Call us free on 07572 748364 for more information and to confidentially discuss your specific issue.  Alexander booked a polygraph examination in Sutton Coldfield because it was near to where he worked. However, our service is nationwide so you can choose from a large range of office locations when you book online.