Sunderland polygraph dismisses cheating rumours

Jun 1, 2022 | Infidelity, Polygraph Examiner, Private Lie Detector Test, Relationship, Sunderland

Sunderland polygraph dismisses cheating rumours

A Sunderland polygraph test dismisses cheating rumours when our client Alex comes to us suspecting her girlfriend Sam guilty of cheating. Here is Alex’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK got her the answers she deserved.

The beginning

Alex met Sam when both of them were playing in a Sunderland hockey team. The pair immediately hit it off and started officially dating just two months after meeting. They couple now live together in Sunderland and still enjoy playing hockey, but on separate teams.

Suspicions start

Now a member of another hockey team, Alex organised a night out as captain for team bonding. However, some members from Alex’s old team were also out that night in Sunderland. One of the ex-team members bumped into Alex and told her that Sam was flirting and texting another girl on their team. Confused and upset, Alex decided to go home and tell Sam about the rumours she had been hearing.


Sam was watching the TV when Alex arrived home early. Alex told her immediately that she had bumped into one of Sam’s teammates who had told her that Sam was flirting and texting another girl who played hockey with her. Sam laughed and dismissed the rumours and told Alex not to worry. Sam told Alex that the girl who had tried to tell Alex the lies didn’t get on well with Sam and obviously wanted to just cause drama.

Lie detector test

Despite having no reason not to trust Sam, Alex was still worried that Sam was lying. She researched her options online of what to do if you suspect your partner is cheating on you. Alex came across the Lie Detector Test UK blog and found a blog about suspected infidelity. She decided to book a lie detector test online on behalf of Sam. That evening Alex asked Sam if she would take a lie detector test and explained she still felt insecure about the rumours. Sam agreed and said she was happy to prove her innocence.

 The results

The couple turned up to our Sunderland office and Sam took her polygraph test. The results showed that Sam had been telling the truth. Alex immediately apologised to Sam and said she would never not trust her again. Sam told Alex not to worry of feel guilty, she understood Alex had been cheated on in the past. The couple thanked Lie Detector Test UK for their professionalism and help in their case and said they would thoroughly recommend Lie Detector Test UK.

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