When Jamie embarked on his new life abroad he never dreamed he would need a Spain lie detector test service to salvage his reputation after an expensive mobile phone went missing from a local bar.

Jamie’s case

Jamie had been saving for years and when the opportunity came up to buy a house in a small village in Spain, he jumped at it. It took 4 van trips from his home in Prestwich; long enough to make him almost give up. A better life was waiting for him and that’s what kept him going. Finally, he arrived gave up his job in England and settled, life was good.

Jamie was fluent in Spanish and only really wanted to mix with the Spanish. It was his new lifestyle and making English friends wasn’t a priority however, along came Graham.

Graham seemed ok but a typical jack the lad and no matter how hard Jamie tried he couldn’t shake the feeling there was something untrustworthy about him. In Jamie’s favourite bar one night they chatted and Graham complained about not being able to find work and that he couldn’t even afford to feed himself. Jamie invited him round the following evening for something to eat. He wanted to help but couldn’t afford much himself.

Missing mobile phone

The bar they were in was Jamie’s local and he loved Jose the owner’s attitude. Jose was a great guy and someone that James regarded as a friend. Normally, when Jamie left he’d say goodbye but the bar was busy so instead he just left. Unusual for Jamie but he didn’t think anything of it until the next day when Jose asked him if he’d seen his mobile phone. There had only been Jamie, his wife and Graham that could possibly have taken it. The Spanish would never dream of doing such a thing. Jamie was deeply hurt, he’d never do that to Jose and he couldn’t believe he was being accused of it. He wondered if a Spain lie detector test service existed but shrugged it off, thinking it was silly

Jamie went home and checked anyway just in case he’s inadvertently picked the phone up.  He knew he didn’t have it and decided to ring Graham to ask if he knew anything about it.  Graham said he hadn’t seen the phone but said that Jose could afford a new one, so it didn’t matter.  A very strange and out of order thing to say, Jamie thought. Jamie went back to the bar, having been away for a couple of days visiting relatives, and confirmed he didn’t have it.  Jose seemed adamant that Jamie may have taken it. Maybe looking for a Spain lie detector test service wasn’t so daft after all.

Mobile phone found

The following day Jamie went to Jose’s bar as usual and asked if Jose had found his phone. Jose confirmed he had found it on the top of his post box and that Jamie should know that as he put it there. After explaining he hadn’t and how offended he was he left.

Almost in tears that his reputation was now on the line for his new life he wondered what he could do. Graham had been loitering outside the bar when he left and Jamie asked him if he had put the phone back after learning that it belonged to Jose. Graham denied this but then asked Jamie if it was a Samsung. Why would he ask this if he didn’t have it at all? How would he know if it was a Samsung if he’d never seen it, as he claimed? He knew upon returning home that his wife, Vanessa would be upset.

Vanessa had moved into the house in Spain 6 weeks prior to Jamie getting all their things there. Jose had looked after her and always ensured she ate well. She was furious that Jamie had been effectively accused of theft and went storming up to the bar to confront Jose.  Why would he think this of the two of them after he had been so good to them? Vanessa’s Spanish wasn’t great and after having a conversation with her mother (who they’d been to visit the previous two days) passed the phone to Jose. Her mother, Janet explained the strange conversations Jamie had with Graham and that she knew without a shadow of a doubt that her son in law wouldn’t have done this. Vanessa returned home to a husband who was still deeply upset.

Spain lie detector test service

Over the next few hours Vanessa seethed, so much so she couldn’t concentrate on anything but the issue and wondered how she could prove her husband’s innocence. Vanessa started to scour the internet and found our Spain lie detector test service based in the UK. Jamie had said something about this when he got back and said he knew she would think this was a good idea.  She couldn’t find one in Spain and although the lie detector test wasn’t expensive, it was the flights and how she could get the appointment to match them. Lie Detector Test UK confirmed we could work around her and even if we were busy, due to the situation, we would ensure the test could take place at most main UK airports. This meant that Jamie could fly into Gatwick, sit the test and get the next flight home.

Our Spain lie detector test service caters for those who want same day tests in the UK, flying from Spain to an airport where our polygraph examiners are available.

Jamie arrived at the examiner’s office and took the test which lasted just over 2 hours. He then boarded his flight to Spain.  Vanessa had the results before Jamie arrived home.

Returning home victorious

Jose was somewhat confused when Vanessa sent them to his phone. A local policeman was in the bar who spoke English and translated the content for him. The results confirmed that Jamie hadn’t taken the phone and had no knowledge of who was responsible.

It was too late for Jamie, he’d proven his innocence and in his mind the damage was done. He couldn’t continue to drink in a bar when the owner didn’t trust him. Jose, of course apologised profusely but no amount of retraction was going to make Jamie go back. They’d spent a huge amount of money with him in the few months they’d lived there.  It was an insult to Jamie that the person he had thought of as a friend was so mistrustful without any evidence.

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