Second Lie Detector Test in Kidderminster exposes Cheating Husband

Our client had been worried about her husband Gary’s behaviour for some time. He’d been caught cheating once before and it had taken a lie detector test in Kidderminster for her to get to the bottom of it.

Lisa’s Case

Lisa never imagined that Gary would be unfaithful considering she always looked after him and their home. They’d gone to marriage counselling and he’d cried and begged her not to leave him. For the sake of their young daughter, Bethany, she’d stayed.

Kid’s day out

Gary always took Bethany to the park on a Sunday. It was just a bit of daddy and daughter time but since the lockdown was eased they were spending more and more time there. When Lisa asked Bethany what they’d been up to she was very quiet. She said that there was a little girl she played with there and that her daddy and the little girl’s mummy had been chatting for a very long time. So much so that when Bethany wanted to come home, he’d insisted they stay for a further hour. Bethany told her mother that the two had hugged for a long time before they left.

Harmless play date

Lisa confronted Gary about this and he admitted to chatting to a woman. He said she was a friend from work and they’d organised a play date for the two children, as they were the same age. He emphatically denied hugging her or indeed any contact between them.

Lisa knew it was wrong but the next time they went she asked her daughter if she’d seen the woman again. She really didn’t want to put her 6 year old in that position but with Gary’s past she needed to know. This time, Bethany said they’d been left to play alone in the park whilst daddy and this woman had gone to get some ice creams for them. They had been gone for a very long time, Bethany said.

Lie Detector Test in Kidderminster

Lisa contacted us and booked a lie detector test in Kidderminster.  Since the last time he’d been caught, Gary never had the opportunity to be unfaithful again. Lisa had kept close tabs on him since his sordid affair but if he was using his time with his child to facilitate another one that would be the end of their marriage. Gary was shocked that Lisa had arranged another polygraph examination, but agreed to go. He knew their marriage would be over if he refused, but thought he’d read enough online to beat a test this time.

The test was conducted the following week. During the polygraph examination Gary had tried to fidget, attempting to cheat, but our examiner told him to stop. He’d said he was suffering with anxiety and the examiner told him this wasn’t an issue and would be accounted for during the test.

The results revealed that Gary had been having another affair, but worse still it was with the same woman as before. Lisa couldn’t forgive him a second time and couldn’t trust him anymore. She packed up Gary’s belongings and shipped him off to his very unimpressed mother.

Gary has tried to speak to Lisa, he’s begged and he’s pleaded but Lisa is moving on with her life. Gary can still take Bethany to the park on Sundays on the strict proviso he doesn’t leave her alone for any reason.  At least what he gets up to there is nothing to do with her anymore.

West Midlands Polygraph Examiners

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