Reading lie detector test proves drug addiction

A Reading lie detector test recently proved a drug addiction. Julian came to us suspecting his employee Tracy guilty of taking drugs. Here is Julian’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK helped him find the truth he needed to know as an employer.

The beginning

Julian owns a private care company for the elderly and vulnerable. He has been operating for the last six years. After the pandemic the demand for his private carers went through the roof. He decided to hire four new employees, one of which was Tracy. Tracy had a long history of working in care and recently lost her job when her last care home shut down due to a lack of funding with the pandemic. She was super keen to be working again after being on benefits ad support for the last three months.

Suspicions start

Julian recalls that issues with Tracy began when she passed her probation period of two months. Tracey was always punctual, well turned out and a reliable and valued member of his work force. However, after her trial period things started to change for the worst. Tracy was increasingly turning up late to her clients and many clients were reporting her looking tired or hungover and scruffy. Concerned something might be going on at home, Julian called Tracy into the office for a talk. She turned up looking confused and dishevelled. Her attitude seemed different and she seemed paranoid and slightly erratic.


Unsure what was happening Julian decided to carry out a routine drugs check on the staff. He had issues in the past with a carer who had become addicted to sleeping tablets and had been found guilty of stealing medicine from one of the clients who had sleeping troubles. Concerned that things were taking a similar turn with Tracy, he called the carers in one by one to take their private drugs tests. However, when it came to Tracy she conveniently said she had showed positive for Covid so couldn’t take the test until she was clear again. She finally returned to work ten days later and took her test.

Reading lie detector test

Concerned that Tracy had waited to take the test until she knew the drugs had left her system, Julian decided to turn to other methods in finding out the truth. He researched lie detector tests online and came across the Lie Detector Test UK website. He booked a test using our online booking system and told Tracy she needed to meet him at our Reading office the next day for her polygraph test. Tracy seemed shocked and asked why she needed to take a polygraph test. Julian told her he had suspicions she had been doing drugs. Tracy denied the accusation and said she would be happy to take the lie detector test to prove her innocence.

 The results

Both Julian and Tracy turned up to our Reading office the next day and Tracy took her lie detector test. The test showed she had been lying, and she confessed to her boss that she had been smoking weed. She said that the stress of the pandemic had been getting to her, and although she had tried stopping, she had still needed weed to deal with her anxiety issues. Julian said he wouldn’t fire Tracy because he wanted to help her. He said she would have a two-week suspension where she would attend addiction workshops and seek help from a medical professional to help her deal with her anxiety in a healthier way. He wants her to stop her drug habits and said if it affects her work again then she will be let go. Both Tracy and Julian thanked Lie Detector Test UK in their professionalism in helping them with their case.

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