Query for a Lie Detector Test in Telford about New Year Infidelity

Our West Midlands Polygraph Examiner dealt with this query from someone who believes their husband lied about what he was doing on New Year’s Eve.

Q: Can a lie detector test establish whether my husband slept with his ex-wife on New Year’s Eve?

My husband spends Christmas Day with his children every other year. The intervening years he spends with our children. We’d like to have all the children together but his ex-wife won’t allow it.

After Christmas he said he’d made arrangements to go over and see his children on New Year’s Eve. It was unusual but it didn’t bother me too much because they only live a few miles away.  I knew he would be home for midnight to see the New Year in. Or at least, I thought he would be.

When it got to 11:30 I called his mobile which was off.  I then called his ex-wife’s mobile and that was off too.  The landline was permanently engaged.  If I’d had a car, I would have driven over there but mine was with my mechanic.

Anyway cutting a long story short, he didn’t turn up until 1:00pm on New Year’s Day. I was fuming.  Anything could have happened to him and I didn’t understand why he hadn’t called. When I asked why his mobile was off, he said the battery was flat.  He said his ex-wife’s phone was broken and the landline was out of order. His excuse for staying overnight was that he’d had too much to drink and didn’t want to drive home.  There were no taxis operating because of Covid restrictions he said.

A week later his ex-wife phoned me and asked whether my husband had told me he wanted a divorce. I was shocked.  When I said he hadn’t and why on earth would he ask me that, she said they’d slept together on New Year’s Eve and decided that they should get back together.

My husband emphatically denies sleeping with her but she insists that he did. Something in me tells me he is lying. He says he’s willing to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence.  Can you do a lie detector test in Telford and if so will it establish the truth?

L. E., Telford

Response from West Midlands Polygraph Examiner

It does seem a little odd that your husband couldn’t have communicated with you in some way on New Year’s Eve.  I can understand why you might be suspicious.

You don’t say what sort of relationship your husband usually has with his ex-wife or how long you have been married.  But there seems no doubt that she wants to stir up trouble.

Yes, we can conduct a lie detector test in Telford, either in our controlled offices or at your home. It will prove whether your husband is being deceptive or not regarding the alleged infidelity.

Booking a lie detector test

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