Portsmouth lie detector test proves affair

Mar 23, 2022 | Infidelity, Polygraph Examiner, Private Lie Detector Test, Relationship

Portsmouth lie detector test proves affair

A Portsmouth lie detector test proves affair when our client Tina suspects her fiancé Tom guilty of cheating on her. Here is Tina’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK got her the answers she deserves.

The beginning

Tina met Tom when a mutual friend introduced them to each other. The pair immediately hit it off and were exclusive just a few weeks after meeting. During lockdown Tom proposed to Tina when the couple moved house to Newbury.

Suspicion starts

Tina recalls how things started to change between the couple when Tom started seeing more of Hannah. Hannah was the mutual friend that introduced the couple together. During lockdown Hannah split up from her boyfriend of eight years, which was a shock to everyone.

The texts

One evening when Tom went out for a walk with Hannah, who was now only a few doors down from the couple, Tina realised Tom had left his phone behind. Suspicion starting to get the best of her that something was going on with Tom and Hannah, she decided to look through his phone. Sure enough she found multiple texts between the pair, which were extremely flirty.


When Tom got back that evening, Tina showed him the conversations and asked him if anything was going on. Tom apologised that he had been messaging Hannah but said it wasn’t anything more than just being a good friend during her break up. However, Tina still wasn’t sure and decided to look for advice online.

The Test

Tina came across the Lie Detector Test UK blog and rang our free helpline to discuss her options. She booked a polygraph test at our Portsmouth office for the end of that week, and told Tom she wanted him to take it. Tom agreed to take the test to prove nothing was going on with Hannah.

The results

Tom’s test showed he was lying. He asked to speak to Tina and confessed that he had been having an affair with Hannah since she became single. He confessed that he had always had a soft spot for Hannah but didn’t realise until she was single its because he liked her. Tom told Tina that both he and Hannah had planned to tell her the truth, but weren’t sure when to tell her. Tina has now broken up with Tom and moved into her own place. She says although the truth was hard to hear, she couldn’t thank Lie Detector Test UK enough for giving her the answers she needed to hear. Tina now looks forward to a happy future without the lies and baggage that Tom bought her.

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