Middlesbrough lie detector test reveals affair

A Middlesbrough lie detector test was recently booked by our client Ben on behalf of his fiancé Cara. Ben came to us when he suspected his wife’s boss was harassing Cara at work. Here is Ben’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK found him the answers he deserved.

The beginning

Ben and Cara met when they were both studying business and finance at Middlesbrough University. Ben was interested in becoming a financial adviser and Cara wanted to become a consultant to small businesses. The pair started dating and became engaged before they both graduated, marrying a year later.

A new job

After the turmoil of the pandemic, Cara struggled with being a self-employed consultant and decided to go back to the security of a full time job working for a company again. She was delighted when she found a role in Middlesbrough of assistant senior manager for a large logistics company. She had always enjoyed strategy as part of her work so the role suited her perfectly and she started a month after applying for it. Ben was thrilled for Cara but he had noticed she was staying later and later at work.

Suspicions start

Ben assumed the late nights were due to Cara wanting to make a good impression on her new boss. He told Cara he missed spending as much time with her, and she said she would try to make it home earlier to make up for all the overtime she had been doing. However, one evening Cara went to have a bath to relax and she left her work laptop open. Ben could hear alerts coming from it, so decided to check she wasn’t missing anything important. When he clicked on the screen, he could see a chat messenger was open and saw multiple notifications from “Mark” who he knew was Cara’s boss.

The messages

Concerned something might have happened that Cara needed to respond to, he decided to open the chat but instead found multiple flirty messages from Mark, including some topless photos of himself in the gym. Shocked at what he had seen he decided to confront Cara when she returned to the lounge. Cara confessed to Ben that she had been getting unwanted flirty messages and photos off Mark from when she started the job. She was concerned but didn’t know what to do.

Time for action

Confronting Cara, Ben told her he would call his Aunt who worked in HR and ask for her advice on it tomorrow for her. Cara sighed relief and kissed Ben, thanking him for his understanding. The next day he spoke to this Aunt who advised that Cara registered a complaint with her HR sector at the company. She also said any evidence should be handed over with the complaint, and said if she could afford a private lie detector test then that would help back up her case. Ben researched options online for lie detector tests and came across Lie Detector Test UK. He rang our free helpline and explained the situation and our advisors booked him a test for Cara to take in our Middlesbrough office.

The test

Ben told Cara about his Aunt’s advice and she seemed nervous about taking the lie detector test. She assured Ben it was just because she was worried about being new to the company and claiming against her boss. Ben told Cara not to worry and that something needed to be done if she was being harassed. The next week the couple turned up to our Middlesbrough office and Cara took her test. Cara failed her test. She asked to speak to Ben and confessed that she had lied about the messages and images being unwanted.

The results

Cara admitted to flirting with Mark and that she had actually slept with him twice. She broke down in tears and said that she had felt things with Ben had become stagnant after lockdown. She was bored of their mundane routine and Mark had offered her some excitement again. Cara told Ben she had regretted how he had found out, and she was unsure on how she felt. The couple are now on a brake before figuring out if they want to try couple’s counselling or not.

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