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If you need a lie detector test in Yorkshire and Humberside for infidelity, false accusations or theft you can book online using our secure reservation system. Alternatively you can contact us on our Free Helpline 07572 748364 to discuss your specific requirements.

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Yorkshire and Humberside Lie Detector Tests

As fully qualified forensic psychologists and polygraph examiners, we are accredited by the APA (American Polygraph Association). We administer our Yorkshire and Humberside lie detector tests in locations all across the region. These include Rotherham, Barnsley, Halifax, Wakefield, Bradford, and Harrogate to name but a few.

Well established in the UK, you will be able to find one of our controlled and secure offices within a reasonable distance from where you live. In some cases, when the environmental conditions are conducive to administering a test, our polygraph examiners will visit your home or office.

What Yorkshire and Humberside lie detector tests achieve

If you live in the Yorkshire and Humberside area, you may require a polygraph test to establish the truth of a suspected infidelity matter. Someone within your family may have stolen something from you or another family member. Or is someone spreading false allegations about you on social media, at work or within your community? These are the top 3 situations for which lie detector tests in your area are sought.

Polygraph examinations are a quick method of establishing the truth. When you have the test results they enable you to take the next step in resolving issues.

Commercial lie detector tests

Inserting a polygraph clause into your employment contracts, and using lie detector tests in your recruitment process, will help prevent theft and fraud in the workplace. In signing the employment contract employees agree to periodic lie detector tests. Since all employees are subjected to them, no one feels discriminated against. Our polygraph examiners are willing to meet with all your employees to explain the benefits of tests to them.

When theft or fraud occurs, all employees feel uncomfortable and vulnerable until the culprit is identified. Passing a lie detector test eliminates them from the enquiry and restores their job security. The polygraph helps keep theft and fraud out of the workplace.

The polygraph is an investigative tool that helps you avoid prolonged legal wrangling and falling foul of employment legislation.

When implemented in your recruitment process, you’ll learn more about candidates from a polygraph examination than you ever will from CVs and references. You’ll also employ the most honest and loyal people.

Sensitive issues

Whenever dishonesty is suspected you can rely on our polygraph examiners to discover the truth. Our specialist examiners handle such cases as historical sexual abuse, domestic abuse, drug and alcohol abuse and gambling addiction.

Whether you want to prove your innocence or you seek to prove someone’s guilt you can rely on our discretion and impartiality.

For more information about our private and commercial polygraph services, contact us on the free helpline below. Alternatively you can book a Yorkshire and Humberside lie detector test using the secure reservation system on our website.

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