Mansfield Lie Detector Test exposes Cheating Girlfriend

Our client’s doubts about his pregnant girlfriend’s fidelity led to him booking a Mansfield lie detector test to dispel them.

Andy’s Case

Andy’s girlfriend, Zoey, had always been flirtatious. It was one of the many things that had attracted him to her. They’d been introduced to each other at a friend’s party and hit it off straight away. Six weeks later, despite the reservations of friends and family, Zoey moved in with Andy.

Most people who cared about him expressed concern that they hardly knew each other but Andy was happy. He was 12 years older than Zoey but that was nothing in his view.  She was unemployed but he earned more than enough for both of them.  He was happy for her to stay at home if she wanted to.

First row

The ‘honeymoon period’ lasted for around 5 months before they had their first row. Zoey was comfortable lounging around the house all day. The problem was that she never lifted a finger to do anything.  She didn’t clean up after herself and had no idea how to cook. Andy came home from work one evening and couldn’t believe that she hadn’t even loaded the dishwasher. When he mentioned it she flew off the handle.  Hadn’t he told her that she didn’t have to work? He tried to explain that he meant she didn’t have to go out to work but she was having none of it. She slept in the spare room that night.

In the morning she told him that if they were going to argue then she would move out.  Andy didn’t want to lose her so said he would get a cleaner.  She had complained that she had no money of her own, even to get personal hygiene products, so he agreed to give her an allowance. The next few months went smoothly.

Visiting ex

One Saturday when Andy returned from the supermarket he found a young man laughing and joking with Zoey in the kitchen.  Zoey introduced him as Gareth, her ex. Although Andy knew about Gareth and that the break-up had been amicable, he didn’t much like the idea of him spending time alone with Zoey. But he let it go. He didn’t want to appear unreasonable and cause another row.

However, as time progressed Gareth was spending more and more time visiting Zoey and usually while Andy was working. He knew this because Zoey was always talking about him and never hid the fact that he’d been round to see her.

When Zoey told him she was pregnant, alarm bells rang for Andy.  How did he know the baby was his? There was no doubt he was jealous of the relationship Zoey had with Gareth and deep down he believed they were sleeping together. He calculated the window of conception and found that he had been away sorting out his deceased father’s estate at that time. He wasn’t prepared to continue funding her lifestyle and her pregnancy with this doubt in his mind.

Mansfield lie detector test and results

Andy contacted our East Midlands Polygraph Service for advice.  He wanted Zoey to take a Mansfield lie detector test but wasn’t sure how he could persuade her to. In the conversation that followed it became apparent that Andy was being manipulated and the victim of controlling behaviour. If he levelled any criticism at Zoey she would threaten to leave him.  She knew how much he loved her and he would put up with anything to avoid that happening. He was even allowing her ex to continue a relationship with her in his home!

Now there was a pregnancy and if he had doubts, surely it was better to clear them now rather than after the baby was born. If she was in a meaningful relationship with her ex, the likelihood would be that she’d leave him anyway at some point.

Andy booked the Mansfield lie detector test to be conducted at his home.  Zoey didn’t want to take it but Andy made it clear that if she didn’t their relationship was over.

Pre-test interview admission

In the pre-test interview Zoey admitted that she had been intimate with her ex once while Andy was away but only once. She’d regretted it immediately and Gareth accepted it was a mistake.  However, they had remained close friends. In consequence our examiner included a question covering how many times she’d had sex with Gareth since living with Andy. It was more than once!

On receiving the results of the polygraph test, Andy was devastated to have his doubts confirmed. Nevertheless, he saw Zoey through the pregnancy and when the baby was born got a DNA test. The little boy regrettably wasn’t his and now Zoey is living with Gareth.

Andy’s heart is broken but he has a great support network. The next time he embarks on a relationship it won’t move so fast.