Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Worksop exposes Domestic Abuse

Jul 17, 2020

Lie Detector Test in Worksop exposes Domestic Abuse

The coronavirus lockdown placed domestic abuse victims under ‘house arrest’ with their abusers. Our cases sky rocketed during the early months of lockdown. Here is one that involved a lie detector test in Worksop.

Michelle’s Case

Michelle was terrified when the country went into lockdown. She had been struggling with domestic abuse from Jack for over two years and the thought of being with him 24 hours a day, with no respite nearly drove her to tears. But Michelle needed to remain strong for their son Joshua and so her nightmare began.

Jack worked as a self-employed builder and even before the coronavirus pandemic they’d been struggling. Michelle had offered to find a job, but he’d told her a woman’s place is in the kitchen and looking after the children. He’d got so angry at the prospect of her earning her own money he’d hit her, hard. This wasn’t the first time it had happened and Michelle knew it was far from the last, but she’d apologised to Jack anyway. She had tried to talk to her mother about it on many occasions. But Violet was old school and agreed a woman’s place was at home, whilst the men went out and earned the money.

Violet wouldn’t hear a bad word about Jack and every time Michelle turned up with bruises, she’d accuse her of trying to make trouble. She told her it was her job to look after her man and she should count herself lucky she had a man in her life at all. Michelle was completely alone. All of her friends had become distant over the years; Jack had made sure of that. He didn’t like her going out and if she went shopping and was longer than she should be a row would inevitably break out. Michelle had become a shadow of her former happy go lucky self and if she complained no one believed her.

Lockdown hell

Within a week of lockdown Jack started drinking heavily at home. Life at home was always worse if Jack had been drinking. Their savings had dried up and he had no work in the pipeline to get them out of the hole they were in. Michelle suggested applying for some benefits and Jack exploded. He hit her so hard that her ears had rung for over an hour afterwards. She knew her eye was going to be black in the morning, if she could open it at all. As she lay in bed, Jack came up and apologised. He always said he was sorry and told her it wouldn’t happen again. If she protested he’d say no one would believe her anyway.  On this occasion he’d gone downstairs and carried on drinking. Eventually he passed out.

Lie detector test in Worksop

Michelle waited until she knew Jack was completely asleep. She scooped up Joshua and headed to the nearest woman’s refuge. She’d called her mother but Violet accused her of lying. In the morning, lying in a strange bed with her son, Michelle called us and booked a lie detector test in Worksop. The refuge had contacted the police after seeing the state of Michelle, but for her that wasn’t enough.

She’d been nervous about taking the test, but the examiner agreed to conduct a home test at the refuge. The test had been simple and not as stressful as she’s imagined. The results were provided verbally on the day and 24 hours later she had a full report.

Armed with the report, Michelle took Joshua to her mother’s but was terrified when she saw Jack sitting on the sofa. She handed her mother the test results and left. Violet opened the results of the lie detector test whilst she was making tea for Jack. She contacted the police from the phone in the kitchen and they came and picked Jack up.

Moving forward

The relationship between Michelle and her mother is better, but Michelle knows she can only rely on herself to look after her son. She is still at the refuge awaiting a permanent flat. A copy of the results from the lie detector test in Worksop was also given to the police. They didn’t need them they could see the damage Jack had done to her.

Jack was found guilty and is currently remanded in custody awaiting sentencing. The chances are he will end up being monitored by lie detector tests within the justice system.

East Midlands lie detector tests

In the 21st century there is no need to put up with domestic violence. Legislation is in place to protect victims and there is a wealth of organisations ready to help.  However, it’s not unusual for domestic abusers to be charming to friends and family.  When those close to you don’t believe you, you can’t rely on their support which is exactly what the abuser wants.

A lie detector test is the fastest way to prove who the liar is and restore trust.  It’s also the quickest way to come to terms with reality and do something about your situation.

Call us to learn more about how polygraph examinations help domestic abuse victims not only in the East Midlands but nationwide.  Your call is confidential and we will never share your details with anyone.

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