Lie Detector Test in Middlesbrough restores Faith in Local Vicar | Case Study

When a vicar began losing parishioners, his mother suggested a lie detector test in Middlesbrough to bring them back. And it worked.

Bill’s Case

Bill had wanted to be a Vicar since he’d been old enough to decide what he wanted to do when he was older. He’d found his faith at a very young age, due to his religious parents and they’d been so proud when he’d announced it.

He’d been in a relationship since he was at college and the couple decided the best thing would be to marry first and follow his vocation afterwards. Bill’s life was exactly as he wanted it to be and he couldn’t have been happier. Along with his wife, he took over the local church when the previous vicar had passed away. It had been a sad funeral but Bill was happy to be staying where he grew up and surrounded by his family and friends.

Violation of trust

The story had hit Bill hard when it came out in the local newspaper. A vicar and friend of Bill’s from another parish had been charged with child sexual abuse. It had occurred some years previously and this vicar had taken advantage of his trusted position during Sunday school lessons. Bill and his wife had discussed mentioning this in Sunday service but decided against it. They didn’t want to worry their parishioners unnecessarily.

Sunday service over the next few weeks dwindled and Bill spoke to his father about the issues he was facing.  Rumours had begun to surface in his own parish about him. His father said people were probably nervous about the upcoming trial for the shamed vicar but Bill this didn’t think this should make them lose their faith in him. His mother suggested a lie detector test in Middlesbrough to prove all vicars weren’t the same.

Lie detector test in Middlesbrough

It wasn’t until he began losing children from his Sunday school sessions that Bill decided to take the matter in hand. He contacted us for a polygraph test.  Working closely with Bill and his wife, our polygraph examiner formulated the questions he would be asked.

Bill took the test and had the results and a fully analysed report 24 hours later.  They confirmed he’d never touched any of his parishioners or their children inappropriately. And he had never been unfaithful to his wife with anyone.

Having discussed the results with his bishop, although not usual practice, he called a meeting with his parish councillors.  He shared the results with them and asked them to let the parishioners know.

A full congregation attended his church for the next Sunday sermon.  Bill confessed that he had taken an unorthodox approach to a sensitive situation but he needed his parishioners to know that their children were safe with him. He is as disgusted as they are that any person could harm a child, never mind a man of the cloth.

North East Polygraph Services

We have changed the location and names in this case to protect our client’s identity.  However if you need a lie detector test in Middlesbrough, or anywhere else in the North East of England our polygraph examiners are available.  We have offices in most major towns and cities across the UK. Contact us via our website or call our free helpline to find out if a polygraph test can help you to establish the truth or restore your reputation.