Case Study | Leamington Spa Lie Detector Test exposes Friends with Benefits

Oct 15, 2020

Leamington Spa Lie Detector Test exposes Friends with Benefits

When our client suspected her partner was being dishonest about his long standing friendship with another woman, she ordered a Leamington Spa lie detector test to establish the truth.

Shyra’s Case

Shyra had been worried about her partner’s fidelity for some time. Fraser was always going out with his friends and more importantly his best friend, Sharon. They had known each other from when they were at school and initially Shyra thought nothing of it. She’d met her on many occasions but she’d always been a bit standoffish with her. She put it down to jealousy. When Shyra started seeing Fraser the usual had happened. They spent nearly every minute of every day together and Sharon hadn’t liked that. She was used to hanging out with Fraser and saw Shyra as taking her friend away from her. She wasn’t quiet about it either, constantly calling and texting Fraser to get him to go round to see her.

Best friends, not lovers

To try and build some bridges, Shyra asked if anything had ever happened between them and Fraser had said no. She wanted to trust her boyfriend and told him he should make more of an effort to see Sharon. If they were just friends what was the harm? Soon enough, their relationship appeared to get back to normal. Sharon was popping round for a cuppa and at least, trying to make an effort with Shyra.  However, a few weeks later it all seemed to go wrong. Shyra was in the pub with friends and had been discussing her relationship with Fraser. One of her friends knew Sharon and said that Shyra was “a better woman than she was”. Questioning her friend, she found that Fraser and Sharon had been an item at school. Although this shouldn’t have mattered, Shyra was furious. She went straight home and confronted Fraser about it.

History repeats itself

Fraser admitted he’d slept with Sharon but he hadn’t wanted to tell her. It was over 15 years ago and he really didn’t see the problem or the sense in raking up old ground. He said he’d lied about it, as he hadn’t wanted to make her paranoid. It was too late, Shyra was paranoid and she couldn’t stop thinking about all he times he’d been out with Sharon and claimed to have fallen asleep on her sofa. Was he asleep on the sofa, or was there more to it?

Shyra contacted us and booked a lie detector test in Leamington Spa. She was pregnant but she hadn’t told Fraser this yet. She needed to be confident he wasn’t cheating on her before she did. Maybe her insecurities were hormone related, but she had to be sure.

Leamington Spa lie detector test

Fraser agreed to take the polygraph test, although he certainly didn’t seem happy about it. Shyra was working that day and of course, Sharon had offered to drive him for moral support. The results of the test revealed that the two of them had been sleeping together all along.

Shyra was devastated and immediately moved back to her parents. She wasn’t home when Fraser returned from work, and he tried to contact her to find out why.  Shyra’s mother emailed him the report with the results of the Leamington Spa lie detector test and told him to stay away from her daughter. Shyra has agreed he can have visits with his daughter when she is born, but as far as their relationship is concerned, it’s over!

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