Kidderminster Lie Detector Test Query for Prospective Husband

Modern couples are checking out prospective partners to make sure there are no skeletons rattling around in their cupboards.  But this was an unusual request for a Kidderminster lie detector test.

Q: Can a lie detector test reveal whether my fiancé had anything to do with the disappearance of a girl 15 years ago?

An acquaintance mentioned to me recently that the man I intend to marry was once questioned about the disappearance of a girl 15 years ago.  He was not arrested or charged with any offence. The girl has never been found but he admits that he knew her.  In terms of the police he says that everyone who knew her was interviewed.  She disappeared after a beach party in Weston-Super-Mare where she had gone with a group of friend, including my fiancé.  There was a lot of drinking into the early hours of the morning.  Everyone slept on the beach and in the morning no one could find her. There was some talk that she had walked into the sea for a midnight swim and possibly drowned but her body was never found.

I don’t know what it is but I feel he is not telling the whole truth about this.  He denies he had any form of relationship with her yet I have been told that they dated. Also whenever I bring up the topic he is very defensive.

Clearly the police would have checked him out at the time but having watched a number of real crime documentaries when they reopen archived cases, mistakes have been made.

I love my fiancé very much and want to spend the rest of my life with him but I have this awful doubt niggling at the back of my mind.  Can you do a lie detector test in Kidderminster, where we live? If so, will it give me the answers I need?  I want to know that he had nothing to do with this girl’s disappearance or knows anyone else that did.

K. J., Kidderminster

Response from West Midlands Polygraph Examiner

To answer your questions directly, we can conduct a lie detector test in Kidderminster and find out whether or not your fiancé knows more about the girl’s disappearance than he is admitting to.

However, as you say, the police will have checked out anyone they believed was a serious suspect. It is also quite normal for everyone she knew to be interviewed.

I quite understand your need to remove any doubt from your mind before committing to marriage. If you don’t resolve the issue it will continue to niggle so a lie detector test is a good way to move forward.

Booking a Kidderminster lie detector test

You can book a test online using our secure reservation system.  You’ll have the option to choose Kidderminster or anywhere else in the West Midlands that is suitable.

You might want to call our free helpline on 07572 748364 for more advice before booking.  If so don’t hesitate to call us confidentially. Please mention, if you call, that you have already received some advice from the West Midlands polygraph examiner and would like to discuss your case further.