Infidelity Suspicions confirmed by Kettering Lie Detector Test

Following a query we received from someone who had infidelity suspicions, a Kettering lie detector test was booked with one of our London polygraph examiners.

Daniel’s Case

Daniel was concerned that his girlfriend, Melinda, was sleeping with her ex. He wrote to us asking if a lie detector test would help him find out if she was.

Admitting he was jealous of the friendly relationship Melinda maintained with her ex, he worried about her commitment to their own relationship.

The ex had spent some time in the intensive care unit of the local hospital with Covid. His partner took this opportunity to leave him. This meant that when he returned home, greatly weakened by his illness, there was no one to take care of him.

Melinda decided that she needed to help. But Daniel noticed changes in her behaviour that led him to believe far more was going on than she led him to believe. She became secretive about her phone calls with her ex and became very argumentative when Daniel voiced his concerns.

On one occasion, when Daniel directly asked her if she was sleeping with him, Melinda lost her temper and stormed out of their home. She didn’t return until the following day.

Paranoia and resentment

Things went rapidly downhill from there. Melinda accused him of being paranoid and resented the fact that he didn’t trust her.  She was appalled, she said, that he expected her to give up her male friend of which there were many.

Daniel responded that she hadn’t slept with or lived with all her male friends and asked how she would feel if the roles were reversed.  Melinda said she wouldn’t have a problem with it. But Daniel didn’t believe her.

The arguments became more frequent, and many hurtful things were said that could never be taken back.

Kettering lie detector test

When Daniel suggested that Melinda take a lie detector test, she was oddly enthusiastic about it. It made Daniel wonder if he really was being paranoid.

He booked the polygraph examination online and our examiner conducted it at their home.  Daniel went to visit his mother so that Melinda wouldn’t feel pressurised when taking the test.

In the pre-test interview Melinda confided that she was considering leaving Daniel. She’d had enough of his controlling behaviour and jealous outbursts. He knew, when he met her, that she had more male friends than female and he’d accepted this.  But from the point they moved in together he had tried to separate her from practically everyone she knew, including family.

She said that she hadn’t been sleeping with her ex but her test results showed that she was being deceptive.


Daniel was devastated that the woman he loved had cheated on him. He thought he would never forgive her but when he saw the pre-test interview part of the polygraph report, he wasn’t sure. Maybe his behaviour had driven her into the arms of her ex.

He wants to arrange relationship counselling and has moved to his parent’s house to give Melinda some space to think about it.

Failed relationships are often the result of a lack of communication.  A lie detector test can highlight problems that one partner never knew existed.

London/Home Counties Polygraph Service

If you have an issue in your life related to dishonesty, a lie detector test provides a rapid means of bringing the matter to a head.  When deception is confirmed or negated, it allows you to move forward with your life.  This can result in repairing your relationship or ending it.

Our service is discreet and confidential.  The Lie Detector Test UK helpline (07572 748364) is free to call if you´d like more information about polygraph examinations.

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