Kettering Polygraph Examiner addresses Infidelity Query

Infidelity queries tend to flood in around this time of year and this is one of many dealt with by our Kettering Polygraph Examiner.

Q:  Will a lie detector test help me find out if my girlfriend is still sleeping with her ex?

I’ve been with my girlfriend for over two years and I really love her.  It was my intention to ask her to marry me up until two months ago.

She has always been friendly with her ex and although I confess to being jealous, I appreciate that not all people cease to be friends when they break up. But recently she doesn’t seem to be able to have a conversation without mentioning his name.

He had Covid quite badly and was in intensive care for quite a while.  During his stay in hospital his girlfriend left him and mine is helping him out with shopping and stuff. Apparently the illness has left him feeling very weak.

The problem is that it is causing arguments between us.  She is round at his half the time and I think there is more going on than she is telling me. She’s being more secretive as well.  If he phones she always goes out of the room to take the call.  Before, she used to leave her phone on the coffee table or in the kitchen. Now it is never out of her sight.

The other day I asked her outright if she was sleeping with him and she went spare.  She got really angry that I would even “think such a thing” and stormed out of the house.  She stayed out all night!

Much as I love her I couldn’t bear the thought of her sleeping with someone else.  And what would be the point of marrying someone I don’t trust.

Will a lie detector test sort the issue out?

D. P., Kettering

Response from Kettering Polygraph Examiner

When the ‘green monster’ rears its ugly head, life becomes miserable.  Only the truth will banish it and the quickest method to resolve the issue is a lie detector test. So to answer your question the test may or may not sort it out.  If she is cheating, it may be the end of your relationship, Are you prepared for that?

Your girlfriend will need to agree to attend the polygraph examination. If she values your relationship as much as you do, there should be no problem.  She may not want to take a test, which doesn’t mean she is sleeping with someone else necessarily.  It may be that she will be worried about her natural stress affecting the result.  If this is the case, she can call our free helpline on 07572 748364 so that we can put her mind at rest. Please tell her to mention that the Kettering polygraph examiner has suggested she call.

Booking a lie detector test

You can book a lie detector test online using our secure reservation system.  Or you can book it on the phone with our customer care team.  Naturally any discussion we have will be completely confidential.