Hereford Lie Detector Test dispels doubts about Loss of Virginity

Oct 4, 2021

Hereford Lie Detector Test dispels doubts about Loss of Virginity

When our client’s wedding was arranged by her parents, as was the custom in some Pakistani families, she was hiding a secret about her loss of virginity.

Ghadah´s Case

Brought up in a traditional Muslim family, Ghadah was not concerned about her parents choosing a husband for her. She trusted them to ensure the match would be perfect in accordance with the Quran. The families of the bride and groom had spent several months getting to know each other and were comfortable with the proposed union.

When she met Hamza, she was relieved that she found him attractive and that he was only 4 years older than her.  Naturally, she didn’t spend time alone with him since this was forbidden in Islamic culture. Dating between men and women, as practised outside of her faith, was not an option. Always, she and Hamza were chaperoned. Unfortunately, this made it impossible to share her secret with him.

The secret

Sex before marriage is not permitted in Islamic culture and virginity is highly valued. In devout Muslim families a woman who is to be married will expect to have her virginity tested. Some husbands will not accept wives who have not submitted to this test.

A virginity test involves being examined by a gynaecologist, or other medical professional, to confirm that the hymen is not broken.  This practice is controversial and according to many human rights organisations violates international law. A hymen that is not intact, is not proof that the ‘loss of virginity’ is through sex. The fragile, thin tissue of the hymen can be broken by the insertion of tampons, through cycling or horse riding or during gymnastics, among many other ways.  In Ghadah´s case, she was an avid swimmer and used tampons.

Hereford lie detector test

Ghadah contacted us for a lie detector test in Hereford, near to where she lived.  She wanted to prove that her loss of virginity was not due to having sex. She told our West Midlands polygraph examiner that she feared the consequences of her husband finding out she wasn’t a virgin on their wedding night. Honour killings had been carried out for less and divorce might be the least that could happen to her.

On receipt of her lie detector test results, 24 hours later, she took them to her local Imam. He called the families together and they were all made aware of the contents of the polygraph report. No deception was found in any of Ghadah’s answers. And it was clear she hadn’t had any form of sexual activity.


Ghadah and Hamza’s wedding went ahead and the couple are very happy together.

Some people may wonder why we conduct Loss of Virginity lie detector tests. Considering how terrified some Muslim brides are, we feel it is a polygraph service that prevents potential harm. Irrespective of the morality or legality behind virginity tests and arranged marriages, some cultures will not be changed in their views.

It may not be possible to stop these practices. But the least we can do is limit the damage caused by what some may believe are medieval ideologies. If we protect one woman from potentially fatal consequences, our job has been done.

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