Grantham Lie Detector Tests dispel Accusations of Infidelity

Suspicion is one of the most difficult emotions to live with especially when it relates to infidelity. Our clients booked two Grantham lie detector tests to resolve their issues.

Lucy and Greg’s Case

Lucy had always wondered if her boyfriend was faithful to her. Even after ten years together, he still went out with his mates on a Saturday night drinking and rarely came home. Sometimes she wouldn’t see him for days and when she confronted him he’d laugh and tell her not to be so insecure. They lived together but each time she brought his absence from home up, he’d say there was no way he was going to marry someone who didn’t trust him. Lucy wanted to marry Greg and always had. She chastised herself for thinking he was capable of such a thing.

Night out with the girls

One Saturday, Lucy’s friends had organised a girls night out and she was really looking forward to it. She got dressed up to the nines and looked amazing. Even Greg had made a snide comment about her going out on the pull. She wasn’t, but it made her feel good that he was the one feeling insecure for a change and not her. The night went by in a blur. She barely remembered getting home and woke up with the mother of all hangovers in the morning. She actually thought she’d done herself some damage from the headache she had, and vowed never to drink Southern Comfort ever again.

Chinese whispers

Over the next few days Greg seemed distant and when she asked him what was wrong, he threw a tirade of abuse at her. He accused her of sleeping around.  Her friends had allegedly told him she’d probably slept with someone else the night they went out. They apparently told him she’d disappeared and no one could find her. Even in the drunken haze, Lucy knew she hadn’t slept with anyone. She told Greg she was going to book a polygraph test to prove her innocence. Oddly, he cockily told her to book him in for one too.  Lucy then booked two Grantham lie detector tests online using our secure reservation system. She preferred to have them conducted at home and met the environmental conditions required for home tests. These included no interruptions of any kind during the tests.

Grantham lie detector tests

Their polygraph appointments came round very quickly. Our East Midlands polygraph examiner arrived at their home to administer their tests. He asked them both the same questions and after a few hours the experience was over. Lucy was impressed by how relaxed she felt. She’d been a bag of nerves when the examiner arrived but he’d made her feel at ease during the pre-test interview.

The couple asked not to be given their results verbally, preferring to wait 24 hours for them to be sent. To Lucy’s surprise, Greg had never cheated and the results proved she hadn’t either.

The Grantham lie detector tests provided them with the trust they needed to move on with their lives. No longer does Lucy worry when Greg doesn’t come home and she’s allowed out with the girls, without question whenever she likes.

East Midlands Polygraph Examiners

Constant mistrust damages relationships, sometimes irreparably.  The longer you harbour suspicions, the more arguments you have.  At the end of the day, your suspicions could be wholly unfounded.  The quickest way to find out if they are is for one or both partners in the relationship to take a lie detector test.

Lucy and Greg chose to have their tests at home but we have offices throughout the East Midlands and nationwide.  Not every home matches the environmental criteria for optimum results to be achieved.  Our offices are secure, controlled and discreet.

You can make a free call to us for more information on 07572 748364.  Alternatively you can do as Lucy did and book a test online.