False Allegations of Child Abuse dispelled by Worcester Lie Detector Test

When two friends decided to share childcare duties, it seemed like a great idea. They never imagined a Worcester lie detector test would be necessary.

Rose’s Case

Rose and Eloise worked for the same company and were the best of friends. When they went back to work after the Covid restrictions were lifted, they arranged to job share with both working part time.  Since their children were almost the same age at 3 years old, the situation seemed perfect to share childcare duties too.

Everything worked well for a couple of months but one evening when Rose collected her son, he was crying. He said that Eloise had smacked him. Eloise said this wasn’t true. But she did admit to shouting at him after he hit her son over the head with a toy. Rose let it go because even at his young age her son had an ability to embellish the truth.

However, a couple of weeks later Rose bumped into one of Eloise’s neighbours in the supermarket. The neighbour asked her if everything was ok with the children. When Rose said everything was fine, the neighbour said that she had heard the children screaming and crying on occasions. So worried was she, that she had called Social Services. She didn’t know what the outcome had been.

Worcester lie detector test

After the conversation with the neighbour, Rose immediately drove to Eloise’s house. When she got there she related everything that she had been told. Eloise said the neighbour was a known busybody and she’d had a visit from Social Services. She hadn’t mentioned it to Rose because she didn’t want to worry her. But she gave Rose the social worker’s card.

When Rose got home she called the social worker who told her that they had found nothing amiss but were monitoring the situation. Rose wasn’t happy that all of this was going on in the background without her knowledge.  Eloise had effectively lied to her by omission. And if she had lied once, perhaps there were other things she was lying about too.

Rose contacted us to discuss the possibility of Eloise taking a lie detector test. She wasn’t prepared to leave her child in the care of someone she had become suspicious of.  As a result of our advice, she booked a Worcester lie detector test with our West Midlands polygraph examiner.

Eloise was shocked that Rose would go to such lengths but she did understand why. Neither of the women wanted to end the arrangement they had with childcare, but it was essential that they trusted each other.


Rose received the Worcester lie detector test results within 24 hours with a fully analysed, peer reviewed report. She was happy to learn that Eloise was not and never had smacked the children. She sent a copy of the report to the social worker.

Eloise invited her neighbours, including the one who had reported her to social services, to a coffee morning at her house. She discussed her experience of taking the polygraph examination and the results. She could understand that genuine concern for child welfare should be reported to Social Services. However, she felt that it might be best in the future, if anyone was worried, that they drop in to see for themselves before reporting the matter.