Case Study | Derby Lie Detector Test reveals Lack of Qualifications

Jun 15, 2020

Derby Lie Detector Test reveals Lack of Qualifications

Our client had suspicions about a new chef his daughter had engaged for their pub.  He booked a Derby lie detector test to find out if he was justified in having them.

Gerald and Sarah’s Case

Sarah had only been working as a landlady for 6 months.  Running her own bar was something Sarah had dreamed about for years. Finally her father, Gerald, had retired and left her with the reigns. The country pub they owned had a fantastic reputation, good atmosphere and excellent food. They’d even won awards for their Sunday roast lunches. When Gerald had handed the pub to her it couldn’t have been in better shape. It was located in a market town and they had the support of all the locals, farmers and passing traffic. The pub was just off the motorway and the only one for 5 miles.

Reduced trade

Gerald liked to keep his eye on things and he was shocked that after 6 months, trade had reduced by 30%. The food sales alone appeared to be suffering the most and it was clear that Sarah’s new hire wasn’t as good as Martin, their previous chef. Gerald had been confused when she’d let Martin go but it was her bar and she should run it as she deemed fit. He had asked her why there was an issue suddenly but she’d chastised him for interfering. It wasn’t until he heard that their food was now substandard, if not inedible, from one of his close friends that he decided to step in.


The business had been struggling for a few months, prior to the lockdown but now they were closed. This was a huge blow to Sarah and they wondered if they would be able to survive. Gerald decided it was time to suggest a few changes. They could use this time to train the waitresses and bar staff, and Gerald was going to find out all he could about this new chef. He started by checking Andrew’s credentials and they all seemed to be fine, but something wasn’t right.

Derby lie detector test

Gerald called us to order a Derby lie detector test. He’d had the foresight to put a clause in the pub’s employment contracts before he’d retired.  Andrew hadn’t been happy about the taking a test but he knew he had to go. He’d signed the employment contract and that was that. The questions were formulated to see if he did have the experience and qualifications he’d highlighted on his CV, and if he had attended culinary college.

The results of from the polygraph examination proved that Andrew had lied on his application. When presented with the results he said he lied because he really needed the work. He had worked as a cook in various pubs around the country but never been a head chef or been to college. He thought he knew enough to take on such a well-known and reputable pub but he’d been too ashamed to admit he couldn’t cope. With a wife and three children and another on the way, he’d just tried to keep on top of things.

Moving forward

Darren, their original chef returned to the pub as head chef but Gerald and Sarah took pity on Andrew and kept him on. He is now lucky to be trained by one of the best in the business. Andrew is grateful for their understanding and although the pub is still closed, they are hoping to relaunch with a new menu and a new look when restrictions are lifted.

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