Corby Lie Detector Test query about Cheating Girlfriend

This query for a Corby lie detector test comes from a mother who is convinced that her son´s girlfriend is cheating on him. Our Corby Polygraph examiner responded to her.

Q: Can a lie detector test prove that my son´s girlfriend is cheating on him?

Everyone except my son can see what a lying, conniving individual his girlfriend is. He says he trusts her, but he hardly ever sees her!

Never have I known someone who “works” as much as she does. Seemingly the company she works for can´t survive without her even on Bank holidays. My son has been dating her for three years, yet she has never spent any time with him over Easter or Christmas.

She’s always going away on alleged business conferences. Even when she does deign to make an appearance, she spends most of her time in another room taking phone calls or on her laptop in the bedroom. Her behaviour is suspicious to say the least, but my son just accepts it.

It’s my firm belief, and that of practically everyone we know, that she is either cheating on him or married. I don’t want my son to be hurt.

Can a lie detector test convince him of the truth?

C. M., Corby

Response from Corby Polygraph Examiner

It seems that your son wants to keep his girlfriend in his life, irrespective of her behaviour. Perhaps deep down he suspects that she is playing games with him but clearly, he is not ready to end the relationship.

There are, of course, a lot of women nowadays who are highflyers. Perhaps she is working so hard to progress her career.  You haven’t mentioned what she does for a living.  Many executives and people with their own businesses work extremely long hours. If she is a key worker, they often work shifts and over the holidays. On night work, naturally they sleep during the day which might explain why she isn’t able to spend holidays with your son.

Corby lie detector test

A lie detector test, with carefully formulated questions, will add some clarity to the matter. If deception is found in her answers, she will have some explaining to do.

However, if she isn’t being truthful with your son, she may be reluctant to take a test. You might want to call our Free Helpline on 07572 748364 for further advice and some tips on how to persuade her to agree to a polygraph examination. I suggest you do this before booking the Corby lie detector test.

Be aware that your son may not thank you for intervening in this way. It may be that he doesn’t want to know the truth. Understandably it’s worrying you that he may be hurt. But it’s his choice to maintain the relationship, even if it ends with you having to pick up the pieces.