Child Neglect Allegations dispelled by Corby Lie Detector Test

May 21, 2021 | Case Study, False allegations

Child Neglect Allegations dispelled by Corby Lie Detector Test

Our client came from a long line of travellers but decided to settle down when her third child came along. She never imagined that her move would lead to her taking a Corby lie detector test amid child neglect allegations.

Sabina´s Case

Child neglect allegations began almost immediately Sabina moved into housing association accommodation. She´d been on the road in the travelling community all her life and now wondered whether she should have stayed in it.

Her reason for breaking away was that she wanted her children to grow up in a stable environment and get good education. Being moved on from site to site didn´t make for stability at all.

The housing estate she moved to was small and well kept but from day one, she received complaints from her neighbours about the noise her children made when playing outside. Her 10 year old was a bit loud to be fair but most kids were at that age when playing football.

When the football landed in a neighbour’s garden for the 6th time in a week, ´they refused to return it. Rather than make a fuss, Sabina bought another one. Then one of the kids broke another neighbour´s window with a hefty kick of the ball.

She wasn´t made to feel welcome at the first Residents´ Association she attended, so she never went again.

Social Services

The first social worker turned up around a month after she moved in. There had been child neglect allegations, she was told.  Inviting the woman in, they chatted for a while and her youngest child, not being at school, was examined.  Nothing was found to be wrong, and the social worker left.

It didn´t stop the rumours though. She was called to the school one day and found herself having to explain a big bruise on her son´s arm. It was the first she´d seen of it and when she asked Patrin how he had done it, he said he´d knocked his arm on the stair bannister. The headmistress made a huge point of telling him he had nothing to fear by telling the truth.  Since he was telling the truth, the point was not lost on Sabina.

In the coming months, allegation flew thick and fast. There were more visits from social workers and more lectures at the school.

Corby lie detector test

It was Sabina´s mother, Rosella, who suggested she take a lie detector test to prove she wasn´t neglecting or abusing her kids.

When our East Midlands polygraph examiner met Sabina she was nervous and depressed.  No one could love her children more than she did. Having three sons to raise with an absent father wasn´t easy but she did her best.  She had taken on sewing work with a company that made supermarket ´Bags for Life´. It was hard work and long hours but at least she could work from home. The children never came home to an empty house and with the money she earned, never wanted for anything.

The results of her polygraph examination showed no deception at all. She was not abusing or neglecting her children.

Residents´ meeting

Sabina couldn´t wait for the next Residents´ Meeting and when the date arrived, she went to it well prepared.  She walked to the front of the meeting facing the residents.

She had prepared notes for her speech in which she mentioned their obvious prejudice. She may have come from a travelling community but she wasn´t in one now.  Even if she had been, travellers were human beings just like everyone else.  The residents might not agree with the lifestyle, yet she had broken away from it and they were still prejudiced against her.

She worked hard, paid her taxes, and deserved better than having to deal with spurious child neglect allegations. True, she was a single parent but she wasn´t on state benefits or a ´sponger´ as she´d heard someone in the local shop refer to her.

Sabina said she wanted to be left in peace and for the allegations to stop.  She then handed each of the residents a copy of her Corby lie detector test results and walked out with her head held high.


Since the Residents´ Meeting Sabina´s life has been more peaceful and pleasant.  Some of the neighbours came round to introduce themselves and she is more involved with community work now.  We wish her and her family all the very best.

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