Can a Lie Detector Test help me find out if a Stranger slept with my Wife?

This query was responded to by one of our Yorkshire Polygraph Examiners. A husband says he is worried that a stranger may have slept with his wife.

The problem

Last week I received a phone call on our landline from a man who says he has slept with my wife. He said it was only fair that I should know that they had been having an affair for over two years.

I found this odd because actually we have only been married for two years. When I told her about the call she flat out denied cheating on me.

The caller said that he didn’t realise she was married until he found her Instagram account and apologised for his behaviour.  He said that if he had known he would never have begun a relationship with her.

According to him they meet every Friday night at a bar in town. Sometimes they go back to his place. He has never seen her home because she told him that she looks after an elderly relative who would be startled to have a stranger in the house.

My wife has always gone out on Friday evenings with her girlfriends. I have never checked up on her, just as she has never done with me when I go out on Saturday night with the lads. What worries me is that this stranger knows she has a birthmark on her inner thigh. It is shaped like a horseshoe and he described it in detail.

I’ve been taken for a fool in a previous marriage so perhaps I am being paranoid. But if I ordered a lie detector test for my wife, would it tell me what I want to know?

R J., West Yorkshire

Response from Yorkshire Polygraph Examiner

A lie detector test for infidelity will indicate whether or not your wife is being deceptive about any relationship she has outside of your marriage. However, she may be upset that you want her to take a test. More especially since she denies the affair.

Since the stranger is so adamant that they are having an affair, perhaps you should ask him to sit a polygraph examination first. The fact that he has described your wife’s birthmark, doesn’t necessarily mean he has slept with her. He could have seen it if she was wearing a short skirt and crossed her legs at the bar with her friends.

Have you considered that this man may be a stalker? If he is you need to do something about the situation quickly.

Yorkshire Polygraph Services

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