Brighton lie detector test reveals affair

Jul 17, 2022 | Brighton, Infidelity, Polygraph Examiner, Relationship

Brighton lie detector test reveals affair

A Brighton lie detector test reveals affair when our client Harry came to us suspecting his wife Fiona guilty of having an affair. Here is Harry’s story and how Lie Detector Test UK got him the truth he deserved.

The beginning

The couple met on a night out in Brighton. Harry was out for his best friends 30th birthday, and Fiona was enjoying a girl’s night out. Harry bought Fiona a drink at the bar and a few dates later the pair were inseparable. Just seven months after dating, Harry proposed and the couple tied the knot two years later.

Suspicions start

When the pandemic hit Harry had to spend long hours at his work due to him being a surgeon. He often stayed in a hotel near to the hospital to be able to work overtime. Once the pandemic started to ease, Harry agreed he would take time off work to spend some quality time with Fiona.

The watch

One day, whilst on his time off, Harry did some jobs around the house to help Fiona. Fiona was working so he decided to hoover and dust the lounge. He was cleaning behind the sofa when he suddenly discovered a watch. The watch was large and dark blue with a leather strap, quite clearly a man’s watch in styling. He didn’t recognise the watch so decided to put it to the side and ask Fiona about it when she returned home from work.


That evening Harry confronted Fiona about the watch and Fiona told him it was her brother’s. Harry didn’t realise her brother had been over to visit as usually Fiona would tell him, but he shrugged it off anyway. The following day, Harry went to get the couple’s weekly food shop so decided to drop off the watch to his brother-in-law on the way. However, when his brother-in-law answered the door and saw the watch, he told Harry that he had never owned that watch.

Time for a lie detector test

Confused as to why Fiona would lie, Harry returned to his car and decided to ring his sister Samantha. Harry confessed to Samantha that he was worried Fiona could be having an affair whilst he’d been busy with work. Samantha advised Harry to get a lie detector test if he was worried Fiona was lying to him. Harry clicked the link to the Lie Detector Test UK website that his sister had sent him and booked a test online for our Brighton office the following week.

The test

When he got home that afternoon, he told Fiona that he had been to drop off the watch to her brother and that he knew it wasn’t his. He told her he wanted her to take the lie detector test and Fiona was shocked but agreed to take the test and prove she was innocent. The couple turned up to our Brighton office the next week and Fiona took her test.

The results

The results showed Fiona was lying and she confessed to Harry that she had been having an affair during lockdown. She said the man was an ex and the watch belonged to him. Fiona had met up with him a few times but had decided to call things off after realising what a mistake she had made. The couple are now going to counselling. They say that the experience has bought a new level of honesty and communication into their relationship.

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