Benefit Fraud Allegations dispelled by Northampton Lie Detector Test

Mar 25, 2021 | False allegations, Polygraph Examiner

Benefit Fraud Allegations dispelled by Northampton Lie Detector Test

Our client’s life became impossible following benefit fraud allegations made against him by what he described as the “neighbours from hell”.

Ahmed’s Case

When Ahmed lost his faith in Islam his family were not supportive to the extent of disowning him.  This resulted in him moving completely away from his home town. He’d hoped that their attitude would change if he wasn’t around to bring “shame on the family” as they put it.

His problems were compounded by rheumatoid arthritis for which he received disability benefits. Living at home with the family meant that when it flared up there was some help available. Living alone would be difficult.

New home

Ahmed found a reasonably priced flat in Northampton and hoped the neighbours would be nice. If he made some new friends perhaps they could help him get his shopping when his pain was too much to bear.

He soon found out that the neighbours above him were far from pleasant.  They were incredibly noisy and whenever they passed his door felt the need to kick it.  The first few times it happened, he thought someone had knocked on the door  only to find no one there when he opened it. He later worked out what was happening when he heard them laughing in the hallway about kicking the door.

Anti-social behaviour

The flats had balconies and they kept throwing cigarette butts and other rubbish down onto his.  The morning after a glass bottle had shattered all over his balcony, having been dropped from above, he decided to confront his neighbours. He wasn’t a particularly brave person but he went up to their flat and knocked on their door.  A sullen teenage girl opened it and Ahmed asked if he could speak to her parents.  The father appeared and Ahmed politely asked if they would stop throwing things onto his balcony. The response was negative with a string of expletives culminating in “benefits scrounger”.

As time progressed Ahmed noticed that the other neighbours weren’t friendly toward him. When he’d first moved in some of them would say “hello” in passing but now they were all ignoring him.

One day, having struggled with bringing his shopping up the stairs he found the words “Benefit cheat” painted across his door.  The next day it was spray painted all over his car.

With no friends in the area and all the neighbours against him, Ahmed became very depressed.

Northampton lie detector test

Ahmed checked out the ASB Help website and learned that he had a number of options open to him. However, if he reported the abuse to the police or the council he worried there would be worse repercussions.

As he searched for other solutions he found Lie Detector Test UK and called our Free Helpline. He explained that the benefits fraud allegations were false. And he wanted to know if lie detector test results would help convince his neighbours that he was entitled to what he was claiming. Whilst appreciating that his personal finances were none of their business, he felt the only way to get at least some of his neighbours on his side was to disprove the allegations.

One of our East Midlands polygraph examiners conducted his test and within 24 hours Ahmed had a fully analysed, peer reviewed report. No deception was found in his answers to the questions our examiner asked relating to his entitlement to disability benefit.


Ahmed sent the report to their Neighbourhood Watch Committee and a Zoom conference was organised with some of the neighbours. They apologised for snubbing him and for listening to the neighbours above his flat.  Apparently there had been a number of complaints about their behaviour and if Ahmed wanted to report them, he would have support from the Committee.

We are happy to have helped Ahmed move forward with his life and wish him the best of luck in his endeavours to resolve his issues.  At least he has some help and support now.

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