Zodiac Signs that can get Hump Day Lie Detector Discounts

Sep 29, 2020

Zodiac Signs that can get Hump Day Lie Detector Discounts

Do you think Wednesday is the worst day or the week? For some it’s considered a happy day. You’re half way through the week and the weekend is nearly upon you. It’s almost time to sit back and relax before getting back on the hamster wheel and starting all over again.

Lucky days

This “Hump Day” we’re going to talk about luck. A controversial topic for some who leave it to fate whereas others believe you create your own. While luck can’t be observed or scientifically proven, most people believe they have lucky moments in their lives.  Did you know that specific days of the week are the luckiest for you alone? So, here’s a list of your lucky days according to the Zodiac so you can plan your trip, appointment or even buy a lottery ticket. Good luck!

  • Aries – Tuesday
  • Taurus – Friday
  • Gemini – Wednesday
  • Cancer – Monday
  • Leo – Sunday
  • Virgo – Wednesday
  • Libra – Friday
  • Scorpio – Tuesday
  • Sagittarius – Thursday
  • Aquarius – Wednesday
  • Pisces – Thursday
  • Capricorn – Saturday

Some believe in the Zodiac and some don’t however, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Virgo, Aquarius and Gemini should book their lie detector tests on a Wednesday and take advantage of our special Hump Day offer.

Hump Day lie detector discounts

Here at Lie Detector Test UK we’re offering clients a discount on bookings at our controlled locations. Our normal cost for a test completed at your home is £395.00, or at one of our controlled locations £495.00. If you book your test with us on Wednesday you can have the test at home or at a controlled location for the same price, £395.00. This applies to lie detector tests booked on a Wednesday and not booked on any other day. That’s a huge £100 off for our office based tests. Whatever your star sign, get the answers you are looking for and take advantage of this huge saving.

Book securely online or call our free helpline (0800 861 1058) to discuss your specific issue in confidence. Hump day lie detector discounts apply to any matter including infidelity, false allegations, sex or domestic abuse, theft and much more.

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