What do you do when one teenager accuses another of bullying and it is denied? The fastest way to find out who is telling the truth is with a lie detector test as our Worcester Polygraph Examiner explains.

Q: Can a lie detector test resolve a bullying issue?

My daughter, Bethany, has always been quite confident and a bit high maintenance but her behaviour recently is making me want to send her to live with her father. I don’t know if she’s doing drugs but she’s definitely drinking. But that’s not what I need the lie detector for.

She’s only just turned 17 and one of the eldest in her year at school. She’ll finish school at the end of the summer. I’ve had the mother of another girl in her class come to see me and she’s accused my daughter of bullying hers. Apparently Bethany waits outside the school gates for her at the end of the day and has beaten her up on numerous occasions.

I asked Bethany about it and she said she hasn’t done it. I’ve spoken to the school and they say she is disruptive but they haven’t had any reports of bullying. But they wouldn’t, would they?

I’m struggling with her behaviour and to think she’s starting out in life bullying others is really worrying. I’ve spoken to her father about it and he’s happy to have her. I just don’t want to upheave her when she’s going through her exams this year. The last term is really important and moving her now could cause more damage than good.

At least if I knew she was bullying I could seek some counselling for her. I really think she needs some help and I just don’t know where to start.

J. A., Worcester

Response from Worcester Polygraph Examiner

The polygraph can’t resolve the issue but it can establish whether your daughter is actually bullying someone.  From there you can then go on to try and resolve it through counselling or help groups.

Have you and your husband split up recently and if so did it adversely affect Bethany.  Anger, frustration and anxiety can manifest in many different ways.  Of course, there is always the possibility that the other girl is telling lies. It’s surprising that her mother hasn’t complained to the school.

Whatever the truth may be, you need to find it because as you say it isn’t a great start in life to be bullying people.

Lie detector test in Worcester

We will need your signature giving permission to test your daughter because she is less than 18 years old.  However, you can book a lie detector test using our online secure reservation system.  We have controlled offices in most major towns and cities in the West Midlands as well as nationwide.  So you can choose the location nearest to you when booking.

Alternatively we can carry out a test in your home if it is more convenient for you.  The home environment must be quiet and there can be no interruptions during the test which takes around 2 hours.

You can call our free helpline on 07572 748364 if you would like to discuss the test in more detail, or need further information.  When calling please advise our customer service representative that the Worcester Polygraph Examiner has suggested you call.