Case Study | West Midlands Lie Detector Test reveals Theft in the Family

Our client ordered a West Midlands lie detector test when a precious Christmas present went missing. She felt sure she knew who had stolen it but was no less upset to have it confirmed.

Ben’s Case

Ashley had received a wonderful Christmas present from Ben, a brand new Pandora bracelet. She’d always wanted one and he’d even bought her a few charms to go with it. She’d worn it for Christmas dinner but it was slightly too big so when the New Year’s Eve party came up, she decided it was safer to put it away in her jewellery box. Her sister Eve had admired it over Christmas and asked her where it was after the party. Ashley explained that until she had a few more charms she wouldn’t be wearing it. She also needed to get it adjusted because it was too big and she was worried about losing it.

Identical bracelet

Eve announced her partner, Jeremy, had bought her a bracelet a few days after the party. She had more charms than Ashley but some were the same. Jeremy had backed up her story so Ashley didn’t think anything of it.

She decided to put hers on to compare the two. Opening the jewellery box she was upset to see the bracelet missing and asked Ben if he’d moved it. Ben hadn’t seen it since she last wore it and said it was funny how Eve now had a bracelet and that the two were a bit too similar to be a coincidence. Ashley decided to ask her sister outright and Eve made a big song and dance about it. She was mightily offended to be accused of stealing from her own sister.

Ben contacted us for a West Midlands lie detector test the same evening. He knew Eve and knew she was always jealous of anything Ashley had. The two of them had done pretty well for themselves but Eve was always asking for a handout. Deep down, he knew she’d taken the bracelet but he needed proof to show Ashley. Things would often go missing when Eve was around and she had asked Ashley where the bracelet was at the New Year’s Eve party.

West Midlands lie detector test

Eve felt she had no choice but to take the polygraph test. Refusal would have made her look guilty.  On the way to the test she continued to protest her innocence. They all decided to meet up the following evening at 7pm in Ashley’s house for the results to be revealed.  When the results came through, Ben didn’t open them.  They’d agreed they would open them together.  By 10pm it became evident that Eve wasn’t going to turn up.  They’d tried her mobile several times but it was switched off. So they opened the report.

Eve had taken her bracelet. That was clearly the reason she hadn’t shown up. Ashley couldn’t believe Jeremy had also lied to cover her tracks.

 Torn apart

The result of the West Midlands lie detector test was the final straw for Ashley. She no longer wants Eve in her house. She has her bracelet back as her parents made Eve give it back. It took 2 weeks for Eve to return her calls but no amount of apologies can make up for her sister stealing from her.

What happened to Ashley surprisingly is not unusual.  It was a theft that was flaunted and so easily proven. Sibling rivalry can continue for life unless counselling is sought.  Perhaps one day the two sisters will find a way to put this behind them and repair their relationship.