West London Lie Detector Test disproves False Allegations about Child Abuse

Feb 13, 2020

False allegations can ruin friendships and lives. Child abuse accusations are particularly despicable when they are not true. Our clients ordered a West London lie detector test to restore their reputations.

Jane and Carl’s Case

Jane was getting sick of things being broken. She’d offered to take care of her friend Marie’s kids after school, as a favour for a week. Two months later and she was still taking care of them.

With a little girl of her own Jane thought that two more wouldn’t be any hassle.  However,they’d managed to wreck the house in the short time they’d been there and Jane had enough. Her friend Marie paid for the breakages but that wasn’t the point. It was disrupting her life, her work, and her overall sanity.

Sentimental value

It wasn’t until her mother’s vase had been broken that Jane finally told Marie enough was enough. The vase had been given to her in her mother’s will and there was no replacing it. Jane was devastated but Marie hadn’t seen the big deal. That was the end of their agreement and the end of their friendship. Jane was sad because they’d known each other for years. Marie knew how much her mother meant to her and the vase was the only thing she had left of her. It wasn’t just broken, it was smashed and beyond repair.

The kids were uncontrollable and no matter how many times Jane had said no running or playing football in the house, the kids didn’t listen. Jane could never remember a time she was allowed to play football in the house. Her mother had brought her up to respect their home and everything in it.

The cold shoulder

Jane started to get funny looks when she was in town. Friends she’d known for years started crossing the road whenever she saw them. She was getting derogatory looks from people she’d known for years and didn’t understand it. She hadn’t done anything wrong so why was she being given a hard time.

Waiting in line one afternoon to pay for her groceries, Kitty an old school friend told her exactly what she thought of her. How dare she hit another person’s child when she was in a position of trust? With that, Kitty picked up her shopping and walked out of the store. Jane wished the ground had swallowed her up there and then. She’d never been so embarrassed in her life.

Innocent until proven guilty

Walking home, Jane called her husband in tears and Carl was furious. He drank with most of Jane’s friends’ husbands and they hadn’t said anything to him. He contacted us for a West London lie detector test for false allegations and booked it for the following week. They had money saved for a rainy day and this was a positive storm!

The polygraph test was arranged for Jane and we formulated the questions based on information the couple provided to us.  No deception was found because Jane had never used violence on a child in her lifetime.

West London lie detector test results

When the results arrived, Carl took them along to his monthly lad’s poker game. Before the game started he asked his friends to read them. He wanted to know why they had never said anything to him about the false allegations. They said they didn’t want to get involved but would put the record straight when they got home.

Carl was surprised to find they wanted to donate the money from the game towards the lie detector test which almost covered the entire cost.  Jane had never liked Carl gambling but he was confident she’d understand this one. He was touched his friends had been so understanding and generous.

However, the polygraph test made Jane realise who her friends truly were and she hasn’t spoken to any of them since. Rather than lose face, Marie thought lying about her friend was better than admitting she’d taken advantage of her good nature.

Central London Polygraph Service

If someone has made false allegations about you that are affecting your life, a lie detector test may be the way to restore your reputation.  Our Central London Polygraph Service is available in several offices located throughout London.  We also have offices in most major towns and cities in the UK.  For a confidential chat about your specific issues call our free helpline on 0800 368 8277.  You can rely on our polygraph examiners to discover the truth, whatever it may be.

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